Expressing my deepest feelings in my journal

 How difficult it is to know how to express ourselves and find our beautiful voice.......and the way to begin is by buying a journal and expressing our beautiful voice to ourselves here in the safety of our own space. We don’t need to be scared of how we come across and of saying something silly – we can let it all out and see ourselves warts and all. We don't have to write in our journal everyday like a diary ~ just when we have something to say.
Let’s not be scared of our warts they are a part of who we are – let’s accept and embrace them instead.
Let's express how we feel about the special people around us. How they make us feel. We can tell our journal about the parts of our special people which we struggle with and which make us shout and squirm inside without hurting them. Writing something down gives us a chance to see what we are really feeling and to see it in the bright light of day.

Away from it all in our journal we are able to feel a freedom to see the world and ourselves from a fresher and less cluttered perspective. To see and hear how things really are and not how another person sees them. So often it's only too easy to see our life through another person's glasses. To expect ourselves to be something, someone another person wants us to be rather than expressing and simply BEING who we really are. This is SUCH an easy trap to fall into and does not help the other person let alone us.
Are we being reasonable ….and it’s OK if you’re not in this space where we can be as unreasonable, aggressive, childish, vulnerable, sad, angry and pathetic as we like. It’s MUCH better out than in.
It’s the stuff we fear will pop out at the wrong time and it’s better in our journal than out there hurting them ...and the wrong time.

Here you are able to go digging inside, express and make a study of;
Your beliefs,
Your feelings
Your hopes
Your dreams
Your thoughts on life
Your big why….
...and out of this place of deep and raw honesty you will find out the beauty of who you truly are.

Little realisations will pop up without you expecting them. Time and time again you are realising that you really are right and what you love and cherish really is important and oh so very valid and true.Open your eyes and see these beautiful truths inside of you like a beautiful butterfly sitting on your hand and then gently and lovingly grasp and gently hold these beautiful truths within your journal of love, truth and honesty
This is a truly transformative process

Don't let yourself be anything other than who you are.
No-one has a right to take this away from you and it's often only us ....and not the other person....who is allowing this to happen to us. It's only us who can grasp the nettle, and endure the pain, and trust ourselves to go out there and be raw and vulnerable and to speak our truth. If the other person cannot hear your truth does that make your truth any less true? That's a huge NO. What you are feeling inside right now is absolutely valid and, even if your words are rejected, they are still true - because you have looked at them in your journal and have seen their truth inside of you.
You have the option now to find another person who is able to hear your truth ... this may be a friend, or even the cat for now until you find that friend who is able to hear your truth. They will be able to share their truths with you too so it's a fair energy swop.
Or if you feel I can help you and work things through from a deeper perspective then just get in touch. I offer a free 30 minute chat so you can find out if you feel you are able to trust me with your inner demons. 
I'm not a counsellor but a coach. The difference is that I encourage you to put these insights and deep needs into context and we work together using questions which I ask you ..allowing you to find your own coping strategies and a positive mind-set and set into action your aims in life and new ways of thinking and being. We have a definite aim which we set which you seek to achieve - or not because we have found an even better more relevant aim for you.
Hello I'm Fran Doidge

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I'm also a Massage therapist and Aromatherapist and we are able to look at the option of you helping yourself be calmer and love yourself and your wonderful body using massage at home.
Let me talk to you in person about how I help people who are struggling in their relationship - and remember the most important relationship is with yourself.
Bye for now x