10 Ways to stop thoughts whizzing around in your head.
"I trust I'm OK".

  1. You are What You Think All Day Long ~ so let's think better thoughts. Stop that barrage of thoughts of doubt, judgement, confusion and worry NOW.

    Remember - the mind can only think about one thing at a time so let's make the thoughts positive and caring and shut out the rubbish thoughts.

    2. CLOSE your eyes now and think of a better picture which your thoughts can create for you NOW.
    What words would you choose now? TRUST the positive words. 

I love and accept myself as I am now warts and all

I value myself and am saying 'Yes' to me.

I am calm and collected.

I have the time and I’m on time because time is my constant companion.

I am safe, I love myself, I am at peace

3. Go to a lovely place in your mind
Whatever we create or accomplish it was created first in our mind. Whenever there is something you wish to change start the change by trusting your thoughts; they are creating and defining you. When you think positive thoughts you are becoming a more positive person; when you think resourceful thoughts you are becoming a better person.

You have a CHOICE as to what you think about, it’s really as simple as that, but the hard part is breaking the HABIT of those old thoughts ‘whizzing’ around our minds. Simply knowing you can do this when you are ready is reassuring and it’s a way out and forward when the time is right for you.

4. Remember it’s ONLY us who can change our thoughts we are no longer the victim to others or outside circumstances. We BECOME the thoughts we focus on consciously and subconsciously. Let’s keep the thoughts positive even when we are feeling negative ~ and maybe even don't even know where the thoughts are coming from. Do you need to let out the feelings which are driving the thoughts? Allow yourself to weep a few tears.

5. Yes, OK, I know that those rubbish thoughts will invade again and again; 
simply bring yourself back time and again to the positive thoughts treat yourself the way you would treat a puppy dog ~ " come back, come back I know things seem more fun over there but come back to me".
6. This is a new way of being and you can TRUST that, in the same way as muscles get stronger as you use them, your mind will become more able to stay more positive as you keep the positive words there in the mind. Whatever it is you are thinking about you can shut it out ~ until you can actually do something about the situation or say the things you want to say to the person ~ or you are able to write something down which you wish to remember.

Until then the thoughts are completely ineffective and maybe even self-destructive.

7. Becoming more mindful of the things around you helps by simply looking at the furniture, the buildings around you if you are walking, the colour of the things around you. These things are solid and real and really seeing them will shut out the thoughts.

8. Imagine and clearly define your best new life/situation and you will start to make different choices in life aligned with your new picture. Don't worry about how this will happen; simply start to take baby steps in that direction and you are doing something positive about where you are NOW. 

NOW is all that we are able to change. The past is finished and the future is yet to come.

9. All you can change is NOW in the moment ~ so why not make every thought positive and caring for you. This really does work and there is enough information out there which confirms this.

10. Talking to someone helps us to crystallise our thoughts and what is really important to us. If you don't know anyone who you feel is able to help maybe I can offer my services to you.

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