Coaching vs Counselling; my approach to supporting emotional challenges

Why might you be looking at a blog about Coaching versus Counselling?
How do we know we are happy?
How do we know we are going in the right direction in life?
How do we know we are in a positive relationship?
How do we measure success? How do we know when we have got there?
When we have got there was it as important as we thought it was?
Is there now something which we realise is more important?
Counselling is a longer, often weekly, process of unwinding the deep emotions inside in order to resolve them.
Coaching is a shorter directed process when you identify the emotion it is best to manage first and decide the ideal outcome you choose. This can be achieved in manageable steps/chunks.
In my case I add the option of working with the physical body at the same time.

How can we create a feeling of Wellbeing? 
When we are feeling strong, resilient, free and clear about what is right for us (assuming our basic needs of food, water and a roof above our heads are met) we are able to function as a happy and contented human being – most of the time.

That's until we are reminded, by something which has happened - or by someone saying something - that we still have our gremlins; our emotions which are out of balance and threatening to upset our apple cart. Yet that’s simply about being human and it’s how we cope with these happenings which matters and makes life manageable and even happy. To be happy in our own skin.
It’s when we OVER-REACT, mentally or physically, to something a person said - or we think they said - that we realise that there is something wrong bubbling inside of us which is asking to be heard and dealt with; it’s a matter of how long we take to hear this inner ‘gremlin’ before some sort of 'damage' is caused.

Our relationships, at home and/or at work, are the place where we are able to become aware that - when we are willing to hear - something is wrong. The simple basic emotions of sadness, fear or anger are the basis of so many of the other emotions like frustration, confusion, worry, self-doubt which often lead to depression and anxiety.

If we do not express these emotions and instead hold them in and suppress them because we do not feel we would be liked or included or appear to be ineffective at work then damage begins to happen at a physical, cellular level (nerve responses in the brain and other cells in the body) - as well as making us over-react to a situation as the pressure builds up inside us which compromises our sense of Wellbeing. Often there are unresolved childhood issues getting in the way.

A great deal of the stress side-effects are via the over production of adrenaline; the stress hormone. According to our particular make-up the ‘damage’ due to over-activity of our body's internal coping mechanisms will show themselves in various ways.

1.   Feelings of low self-esteem – our inner emotional needs are not being met and our core values are not being honoured; maybe leading to anxiety or depression.
2.   Relationship problems, particularly at home when the person we have chosen to be with often reflects back to us our emotions, in their own individual way, by being sad or angry with us.
3.   Our physical body begins to show symptoms which may be head-aches, a painful back, painful joints and even chronic fatigue or an auto-immune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis.
4.   You may even be interested to consider whether looking at your emotional-self from a spiritual perspective may have some bearing on how you are feeling.

What does a person need when they are struggling? ......It’s often a combination of things

The aim of both Coaching and Counselling is to support the person to identify what is happening now, identify the associated core emotions and help the person find their own way back to health. Identify, then support, the individual under-lying areas which struggle when the person is under stress. This means creating a safe ‘inner place’ where the person is able to trust themselves, their therapist and those around them better and increase their self-esteem.
Counselling spends time focusing on and understanding our emotional patterns and helping the client change how they react.
Coaching offers an approach which, in addition, enables the person to identify a clear picture of a measurable outcome for the client inviting the client to develop their own coping strategies with a positive mind-set

Fran Doidge from Coaching for Wellbeing

My unique approach
In my case, during my 28 years in practice as an Aromatherapist, Wellbeing Coach and Healer, I have been able to combine the sense of reassuring touch with an intuitive sense of where the imbalances may lie and support my clients to find their own way forward. I help you;
- Identify the emotions which are out of balance and trust yourself that you are able to find an ‘inner place of calm’ using Mindfulness where relevant.
- Create positive pictures and positive sentences (affirmations) which you are able to use at home to counteract these emotions as and when they arise
- Identify and treat the areas of the body (some of which you already know about and some which you do not) which are ‘holding’ the emotions within the soft tissues and joints; and enable you to maintain a comfortable body at home.
- Investigate any spiritual and energetic imbalances within your energetic matrix; and I offer exercises, including Mindfulness, which enable you to maintain a more balanced spiritual space.
Truly Body Mind and Spirit ... an ‘all in one’ treatment 
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During my 28 year practice I have been able to help many people to find their own ways of dealing with often long standing emotional and physical challenges and see how they are inevitably intertwined and cannot be separated. I offer you fresh perspectives as to why you may feel so 'stuck' within a destructive mind-set and maybe feel you are spiralling out of control such as when we suspect we have an underlying addictive pattern.

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Let me help you to create a clear picture of how you choose your life to look, enjoy a comfortable body ...and help you to create a truly positive picture in your life; let's get rid of those gremlins.

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