How come Massage and Coaching work so well together when emotions are running high?
My clients really GET how their emotions are held within their physical body.
I help them understand how their physical symptoms are linked to how they are feeling - or have felt in the past.
They often ask “how did my pain/emotional turmoil get so bad?”

 When I ask them if anything stressful happened or if they had flu or an episode of illness before the physical symptoms or emotional crisis arose they realise how likely it is that the stress, flu or illness laid the body low and allowed the symptoms, both emotional and physical, to be expressed; to be heard.  Something had to give to get things sorted. 
The mind, emotions and body are intimately connected and integrated; to help one without, at the same time, supporting the other is to stop true healing taking place. How does a session with you work on Skype?
First of all you share with me what is happening in your life and I ask you about your health; you may have already filled out my Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire.
We work together to allow you to decide what you wish to achieve - your outcome - and I help you to formulate your first steps. If you decide you would like to experience massage (with essential oils where relevant) I send you Self-Massage instructions and the relaxation often allows you to realise other truths about how you really feel. It's magic! We complete the session by creating your next steps and action plan. We work together to find more positive ways of viewing your life now and I help you see your life from a fresh perspective. We create new coping strategies and more positive inner messages to replace the negative messages which are invading your mind. You really can get out the other side of this knotty problem!

Sometimes it is more comfortable for a person to deal with simple aches and pains in their body first and, as the massage begins to work your emotions are soothed at the same time. As we know our body and mind/emotions are connected.  It may be the top of your shoulder which has become congested due to regular hunching of the shoulders while you are intently working on a problem or deadline - or working too hard in the gym. The resulting congestion in the tissues have removed the all-important fluids which surround the cells in the area. This results in non-removal of the toxins (waste products which the body produces naturally) from the cells resulting in a build-up of crystal–like deposits which in turn cause irritation and pain. Massage movements help to bring the fluids back to the area which allows the body to take the toxins away. Applying a cold/hot gel pack is a great support too. I advise you on relevant food supplements.
Often unhappy and worrying emotions cause a reaction in the nervous system and the immune system.

The reassuring sense of touch soothes the nervous system and did you know that much of the immune system resides in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT)? This is why stress often causes discomfort in the abdomen and, at the same time reduces the removal of toxins from the body via the GIT and liver. I can show you how to  massage your abdomen at home which relieves the discomfort. 
Helping a person to identify the feelings and emotion(s) which are underlying their physical symptoms helps them to unlock all their symptoms faster and for longer.
By dealing with both the physical and emotional symptoms at the same time you are more in control of what is happening to you and you are able to work at home to grapple with both the physical symptoms and the often deeply emotional barrage of thoughts which are invading your space. We work together, using catalytic questions, to understand the basis of your strong feelings; and then I help you to find your own new coping strategies and understand, step by step, how you will overcome your emotional turmoil and come out smelling the roses. It can all be very confusing yet with my guidance, knowledge (degree in Physiology and Biochemistry) and understanding you are able to unravel what is happening and find your own way to better health ...... step by step. 

In addition I offer you a relaxing blend of Aromatherapy essential oils to add to your treatment programme. 
The sense of smell evokes deep memories and accesses the deep parts of your psyche, the inner you, without you having to go there mentally.
I create for you a blend of essential oils tailored for your unique make-up. 
Your blend of essential oils to use at home enhances your treatment.
Understand how you are able to move forward in life from a stable, supportive, caring and inspirational place. You create your coping strategies to maintain this NEW YOU.
It's a step by step process. We don’t accomplish this perfectly or once and for all. The road to emotional self-reliance is slow, steady, and sporadic. This will be a very individual process for you and the exercises you may have read on the internet or in glossy magazines may have started off a process which you are realising you cannot do alone – you do need to find someone who you KNOW you can TRUST and who trusts themselves that they can help you with whatever comes up within you. Let’s increase your self-love quotient as you feel able to talk things through with someone.
Develop a bolder, more robust part of yourself as you become more comfortable in your own skin and your comfort zone becomes wider and broader

Hello I'm Fran Doidge from Coaching for Wellbeing
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In particular I help people facing challenges in their relationships
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My unique strength is
the combination of Wellbeing Coaching with Relaxing Self-Massage
using a luxurious Aromatherapy blend of essential oils
 I have 28 years experience of helping clients gain a fresh perspective on life and a more positive picture of themselves in their relationship with themselves and others.
I'll help YOU find ways to be true to yourself.
Decide which combination works for you....
Coaching on it’s own
- with Mindfulness where relevant
Coaching and Massage (Available on Zoom/Skype and I'll send you Self Massage instructions to enjoy Massage at home)
Coaching and Aromatherapy Your luxurious blend of essential oils tailored to your individual needs sent to your home to use in a diffuser; or add to carrier oil for self-massage. Your special bit of luxury A Magical combination!
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