What to expect from your Massage treatment

My treatments rooms are warm, quiet, feel safe and are welcoming.
You will benefit from my professional expertise and range of skills from my 30 years’ experience.
I am able to tailor and adapt your treatment according to you needs.

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I take an initial consultation including your medical history which indicates the first steps we will take. I will inform you what I feel that I can achieve for you.

You are asked to undress to pants (and bra) and lie on the treatment couch and covered with wonderful warm towels. I ask if you would like some music to take your mind off things. 
Any areas of the body not being massaged are kept covered to keep you as warm as possible; as well as protecting your modesty. I initially assess the overall pattern of muscle tension.



I start to gradually use my special massage techniques and gently ease into the soft tissues reassuring the muscles that I am working at a pace which is appropriate to their state of tension and gradually increase the pressure as I feel the muscles respond. I ask for regular feedback.

Tight, dysfunctional and tense areas respond quickly to manipulation of the muscles, tendons and joints and any pain which you experience is managed with all due consideration. We talk about grateful pain! Specific painful muscles are eased and encouraged to work properly again.

Wherever possible and time allowing I aim to work on most of the body as your presenting symptoms may be due to congestion over a wider area of the body than expected. 

Warm towels are applied regularly helping your body to relax even more. 

Where relevant a blend of 4 Aromatherapy essential oils will be added to the carrier massage oil.

When I have finished the massage you have time to get up slowly and to ask questions. I give you self help handouts to take home and will have explained how to use them during your treatment. You will realise how much more help your body needs and completely understand the benefit of follow up treatments. The body has spoken! 

You are now able to maintain your body in a state of good health

I seek to support you in a greater knowledge and understanding of your body. I explain how your cells and tissues have become congested and why you feel the pain you do.

I help you understand how we can work together as a team to create the right environment which will enable the body to heal itself. I explain the systems in your body which will do this for you. Your massage treatment shows you what is really causing your discomfort and gives you simple ways to become comfortable and keep it that way. Good quality food supplements are important. I recommend Zinzino.




The power of touch

Massage soothes the many nerves present in your skin helping you relax and unwind. The sense of touch is the first sense which we are aware of in the womb and has been shown to be of absolute importance to the new born baby during its first weeks of development; this importance continues into our adult life.

Towards the end of their lives many elderly people, for various reasons, have little opportunity to express or receive feelings of care by touching; especially those who reside in an institutional care environment (Barnet 1973). Massage offers valid human contact to counteract tactile deprivation. 

Call me now for your free 30 minute assessment 07974 400575 

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