Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

Understanding ways to work with each other 

Do you feel, as a woman, you have to give way to a man?
Do you feel, as a man, your role in society is changing?
Ways to work with each other better

First let's get an idea as to how your 'other half' likes to be treated.
A useful tool is the 5 languages.
1. Words of affirmation
2. Acts of service
3,, Receiving gifts
4. Quality time
5. Physical touch 
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 From Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray
- embracing the different ways we deal with relationships

Challenge for the woman = Let the man goes into his cave and let the elastic band between you stretch.
Challenge for the man = be willing to come out of the cave to talk and take the stretch out of the elastic band
Remember this is not a gender thing because you will know men who live on Venus and Women who live on Mars.
Scenario. Woman has spent the day looking after people and wants her man to look after her and arrange to go out for a meal.
Man has had a hard day at work frying his brain and all he wants to do is watch the TV. (the cave)

Another Scenario;
Woman comes home having arranged to go out with the girls that evening (the elastic band). She has looked after her needs and a girly chat will be good.  She’s happy because she knows he will be happy watching the TV
Man realises that he would like to spend quality time with his woman as he wants to talk something through with her and texts her saying he has booked a table because time with her matters.
Each person has taken the expectation out of the scenario and realised and then looked after their true inner emotional needs. They do not emotionally rely on each other and are able to express their feelings and their wishes by talking things through.

This means that they end up with 3 quality evenings 2 with each other and one in their own space. First of all they knew what was right for them and they were able to create it for themselves rather than relying on the other person to assuage their emotional urges.  

 Our partner helps us become a better version of us

The original reason we are attracted to another person is exactly because they make us work at our emotional imbalances and they do not play our games.  I’ve seen it acted out so many times and it’s a magical process when you engage with it.  It’s this emotional glue which keeps us on the edge in our relationships and make them work and keeps them exciting. So when you are saying to yourself – “why am I with this Wo(man) “ remind yourself it’s because they are making you a better version of yourself and reminding you of your own needs and emotional urges and asking you to sort them out for yourself!

Relationships come into your life as a blessing or a lesson. The toughest lessons comes with a tremendous force of attraction otherwise you would not resolve what you must to take you to the next level. Until you express self-value self-respect and self-worth you will continue to repeat the same lesson with the same person or the next one.

It is a lot easier to change the partner than to change the self.

When the pain to stay the same is greater than the pain to change you will look to no other than yourself to make yourself happy, worthy and deserving of the loyalty and respect you deserve. Love is not painful love does not reject or hurt another. Love does not have personal agenda. Love makes sense and inspires you to become the best version of yourself and only you can do that. The greatest love partnership between 2 people is when they do not need each other for any other reason than great chemistry and allegiance.




A man wants to serve his woman

Man is attracted to your feminine energy. Even at work he would like to ‘play’ yet the work situation does not allow this. So often it comes out in a different way.
If, as women, we are able to adapt this truth to our benefit we are on to a winner.
Ultimately men are wired up to serve a woman. The way they do this properly has got locked up in the past. We are still emotionally in the cave age when a man went out to hunt (play) and bring home the prize of an animal to feed the tribe. He protected the tribe from attack,
Even though it may seem that it's female to give and to nurture others, the truth is that feminine energy is RECEPTIVE. It is actually the masculine that is action-oriented and gives rather than receives. You feel good when he gives you flowers, plans things for you, and takes actionable steps to make a commitment to you.

Remember that, when you DO things for a man because you are trying to GET something, you are operating out of masculine energy. For example, if you are dating, baking him cakes so he sees what a great cook you are or saying yes to things you don't want you are giving not receiving. A man may stay in a relationship with you for years because it's convenient for him, but he won't have that gut feeling of "I adore this woman and can't imagine my life without her."
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