Using your Subtle Senses for Inner Guidance

Identify your best subtle sense to listen to and act upon your Intuition 

Would you like to know what is best for you in any situation?
Trust your intuition enough to act upon it?
Explore the use of dowsing with a pendulum, crystals, card spreads and messages from essential oils    


Workshop in Malvern 15th March 2020 £60. Concessions considered

(Follow on workshop Subtle Senses 2 Sunday 19th April - for those who attended my workshop last year or those who already have basic knowledge of dowsing and the aura /chakras)

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To book your place; Text or call me me on 07974 400575

You've heard about intuition and feel you'd like to find out how to hear it's inner messages.
You'd like to feel a sense of guidance when you are confused and trying to find the right way for you.
In our busy world we have forgotten to listen; our intuition is not valued or trusted yet it offers us valuable insights and knowledge.

There are different ways to listen to our intuition and my workshop gives you the time and space to explore and try out the various options;
Dowsing with a pendulum
Working with crystals
Interpreting card spreads
Listening to messages from plants within the essential oils 

We create the ideal space to work together in a group using guided meditation; bringing you into a receptive space to hear these messages. Joining in with a group enhances the effect and we are helped by each other.    


Tell me more about my intuition

When we are listening to our intuition we are hearing that part of our spirit which is not incarnate in our body which we call our 'Higher Self' I call it our 'Sacred Sparkle'

In this place we find the wise, loving and positive us; our Sacred Sparkle. A powerful place to draw on when we need to. This place has no words but only pictures which emerge from feelings. Emotions are not here as they are often disruptive – just feelings and an inner knowing through pictures. We are being sacred and are in touch with our sacred sparkle. Nature is a great place to feel this space and plug in. It’s simply a matter of becoming aware and opening up to that space within us. We don’t have to spend much time there either as time does not exist here so, just thinking about it for a second is fine; you’ve plugged in.

This inner space is the real you; your Sacred Sparkle which cannot be denied as it’s always there, admittedly often well hidden, but always there. Every day you get glimmers of this place yet you don’t have the time to trust and catch these moments. But they are there.

Our Sacred Sparkle is in touch with ‘Universal Love'

Creating a safe place and trying out our skills

I show you how to first of all cleanse the room to prepare for your work. Through guided meditation we become still and grounded. We ask our Sacred Sparkle for a symbolic picture which will immediately 'anchor' you into your safe intuitive space.

I provide pendulums, which are for sale, and show you how to find your own 'yes' and 'no' directions for the pendulum. it's important that you ask questions which can be answered with 'yes' or 'no'. We dowse to ask which of our partner's chakras needs most balancing. We send light and love to our own chakras as indicated.

We choose cards and create a simple spread and use the books supplied to interpret the spread according to the question asked. 

Do you feel drawn to working with plants and the marvellous essential oils? They have messages for us too and I use these messages alot during my Aromatherapy practice. Each oil has a meaning for me and this can be true for you for a small selection of essential oils.

We practice the skill which we feel most comfortable with and end the workshop with a re-balancing meditation




How will we put these skills into practice? 

When you go on to be committed and focused and practice your skill, and not let go of what you are wanting to create in your world, your clarity of purpose is of absolute importance. There is a part of us that will try to sabotage the process; often called the ego. That’s the confused bullying part of us (it helped us to survive during childhood) which we cannot allow to take hold again. This part is not really a part of us. You know that part don’t you? But it can be rejected moment by moment, day by day as we become aware that it is in action, 

Work with me to learn your best Subtle Sense and understand how to put it to good use

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