Inner guidance from your intuition/inner knowing = your 'Sacred Sparkle'

Finding your own way to view your Sacred Sparkle

It's often called your Higher Self or your essence
How do I connect with my Sacred Sparkle?
How does it feel and how do I know I'm there?
How does it act in my outer world?

Work with me to learn your best 'subtle sense' to connect with your Sacred Sparkle

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Let’s think about that part of our spirit which is not incarnate in our body and let’s call it our Sacred Sparkle; something special, honoured and respected and the part we hold dear. Let’s treat all of ourselves in a gentle, respectful, honourable and caring way. This Sacred Sparkle is giving us permission to be well and fulfilled.  So let’s explore what this means.

Our Sacred Sparkle can show us that inner place that some people get to during meditation or when they achieve a place of mindfulness. This place has no words but we can get there with pictures of peaceful places where we have been, know well and feel safe.

We find a place of simply knowing and not even having to do anything with it. The knowing can just be. Out of this space comes a clear intent and a clear way forward. We first have to sit with it and let it become real within us. We don’t even have to be silent and still; because it’s a part of us all the time. Young children and animals know this place; you can see it in their eyes.   


The wise, quiet, positive and loving us

A powerful aspect of ourselves to draw on when we need to. This place has no words but only pictures and a sense of what is right which emerge from feelings and inner senses. Emotions are not here as they are often disruptive – simply our senses and an inner knowing through pictures. We are being sacred and are in touch with our Sacred Sparkle. Nature is a great place to feel this space. Even when we are eating our sandwiches in the park at lunchtime or walking in nature we can plug in. It’s simply a matter of becoming aware and opening up to that space within us. We don’t have to spend much time there either as time does not exist here so, just thinking about it for a second is fine; you’ve plugged in.

From this positive clear space we can be creative and believe that what we choose is possible when we focus on only what is right for us and not what is bothering us. That’s when emotions can take hold and take us away from that space. Pull yourself back with positive thoughts and pictures, then you can be with your Sacred Sparkle again. It’s the real you which cannot be denied as it’s always there, admittedly often well hidden, but always there. Every day you get glimmers of this place but you don’t have the time to trust and catch these moments. But they are there.

Our Sacred Sparkle is in touch with 'Universal Love' and the spiritual realms

When we call out for help, via our Sacred Sparkle, there is a real ability to transform a disease process, or a confusing or threatening life situation; to feel safe and create a new reality for yourself.

We are all individuals and we are aware that we have arrived with our particular weaknesses or predispositions. We develop as stronger people through and because of our individual and particular blend of weaknesses and life challenges. We learn more about our Sacred Sparkle as we experience the issues which occur during our lives due to these dips. We have the opportunity to grow through them.

Spending time with those people whose Sacred Sparkles are aligned with ours enhances our lives and lets us grow. It’s a journey of exploration into ourselves, and less and less do those things which used to unbalance us and challenge us press our buttons. Tap into what is needed at the time and put this into action. Spending time with and asking for help from those aligned to us makes this process more pleasing.

You have to do the work and be committed and focused and not let go of what you are wanting to create in your world. It’s so very easy to let things distract us. Our clarity of purpose is of absolute importance. There is a part of us that will try to sabotage the process; often called the ego. That’s the confused bullying part of us (it helped us to survive during childhood) which we cannot allow to take hold again. This part is only a small part of us which can be contained and dealt with. You know that part don’t you? It can be rejected moment by moment, day by day whenever we become aware that it is in action. 




Lissa Rankins book 'Mind over Medicine' 

Lissa Rankin’s book ‘Mind over Medicine’ is full of mind blowing data which she has compiled from scientific literature regarding how our inner world affects our outer body. She mentions the ‘placebo’ effect. When the relaxation response is active the body’s natural self-repair mechanisms function properly. The average person has 50 stress responses per day. Each time your brain releases messages to the glands to produce stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, nor adrenaline the self-repair mechanisms are repressed. Every time you have positive thoughts you produce oxytocin, nitrous oxide, dopamine and endorphins which produce the relaxation response. You won’t be surprised to hear that plugging into your Sacred Sparkle enhances this response.

Lissa says ‘Then comes the brave part – putting your personal treatment plan into action and make your body ripe for miracles.’

Dr David Hamilton in his book ‘How your mind can Heal your body’, says ‘Recent evidence from neurological research shows us that our thoughts actually impact on the physical structure of the brain. If we think the same thought regularly we can actually create physical changes in our brain. Thoughts and emotions cause the release of neuropeptides which impact on cells throughout our body. So our thoughts and emotions affect the brain and the body’. He goes on to say that ‘The brain and the heart are, in a sense, like radio receivers that receive the transmission of the spirit. That’s my personal view although there is no science to back this up. So we are left with having faith or not.

Faith in our Sacred Sparkle and it’s connection to something greater than us can unlock our stuck-ness. Let’s unstick that feeling that we cannot change and that things happen to us which are beyond our control. We are not a victim; instead we have the power to change our life in a positive way. This inner change means we begin to have faith in ourselves again and our outer world changes for the better.

Work with me to learn your best Subtle Sense to connect to your Sacred Sparkle and at upon your inner guidance

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