Your ideal outcome/life and brain Neuroplasticity 

How can understanding the concept of Neuroplasticity in the brain help me create my ideal outcome? 

The science of neuroplasticity; building your 'brain muscles'
The Psychological implications underlying this knowledge
How to apply and benefit from these concepts during everyday life 

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You are What You Think All Day Long and a clear map of where you are going is a good start.

A positive mind set plus positive self-messages are important.
Together these help us stop the barrage of thoughts of doubt and confusion, which often invade our mind: enabling us to make good judgements on the way to our ideal outcome and ideal life. This all gets wired in your brain.

Remember - the mind can only think about one thing at a time so let's make the thoughts positive, constructive and caring and shut out the invading, possibly even self-destructing, thoughts. Create good positive brain connections and break the ones which don't serve you. This is described by the concept of Neuroplasticity.

CLOSE YOUR EYES NOW and take yourself to a beach, beside a still lake or on top of a mountain – wherever is good and safe for you and take 3 deep relaxing breaths breathing out into the ground

You're now in a good space to think of the outcome/life you wish to create

Is it a project or a better relationship?
An understanding of the science of the Neuroplasticity of the brain helps us realise HOW a thought can have a physiological effect on the neurons - our brain cells.

Your thoughts can create new pathways in your brain which will benefit you throughout your life. Neuroplasticity is the 'muscle building' part of the brain. BUT this will take a little time plus your commitment to make the change.

Neuroplasticity studies tell us that it takes a while to create a positive ‘habit’ which will have a real long lasting effect; but the effort is worth it. Norman Doidge’s (good name!) book “The brain’s way of healing” details how people have cured conditions with positive intent, determination and clear pictures of good health over a period of time.

The language of the brain is packets of energy and electrical discharge which we can influence.

Professor Richard J Davidson founder of The Centre for Healthy minds says

We’re learning we can shape our brains in more adaptive and beneficial ways by cultivating healthy habits of mind…When given a challenging situation your brain hasn’t encountered before, it can reorganise and restructure to respond to that situation. The more often your brain is exposed to that new challenge – like learning a musical instrument, for instance – the more it reorganises and makes that path more established…Our brains are constantly being shaped wittingly or unwittingly – most of the time unwittingly….We’re raising the possibility to intentionally training our brains to improve Wellbeing.

"Fundamentally Wellbeing is no different from learning to play the cello, if one practises the skills of Wellbeing one will get better at it"

What are the words which you would choose to say to yourself now? TRUST these positive words as they are creating new pathways in your brain which are aligning your brain towards surprising ways of obtaining your required outcome/life.

Have a more Open Mind

If you are suffering from Anxiety then the Polyvagal Theory explains how our nervous system has been affected and how positive statements and a positive mind set help you feel more calm.

Support yourself with good quality food supplements. I recommend Zinzino.


I value myself and am saying 'Yes' to me.

I see the perfect outcome to my project.

I am calm and collected.

I am valued and respected within my relationship.

I have the time and I’m on time because time is my constant companion.

I am safe, I love myself.

I love and accept myself as I am now warts and all

I am at peace

Fake it til you become it – the brain is rewiring itself

Your thoughts are creating and defining you
When you think positive thoughts you are becoming a more positive person; when you think resourceful thoughts you are becoming a fully functional person.

Successful people say ‘YES’ to things in life more than not as they aren’t afraid to try things and fail. So today start imagining the life you want to live, start by ‘making the pictures’ you want to see, not what you’ve been programmed to do and don’t be afraid of failure.

You don’t have to tell anyone, just do it, imagine your new life and you will start to make different choices in life aligned with your new picture. You will then start to take baby steps in that direction.

You have a CHOICE as to what you think about, it’s really as simple as that, but the hard part is breaking the HABIT of those old thoughts ‘whizzing’ around our minds. Simply knowing you can do this when you are ready is reassuring and it’s a way out and forward when the time is right for you.
Remember it's only us who can change those thoughts

We are no longer the victim to others or outside circumstances. We BECOME the thoughts we focus on consciously and subconsciously. Let’s keep the thoughts positive as much as we can - to grow positive brain connections - even when we are feeling negative - and maybe even don't even know where the thoughts are coming from. Do you need to let out the feelings which are driving the thoughts? Allow yourself to weep a few tears or roar like a bear! 

Our body language changes our mental attitude
Amy Cuddy’s viral 2012 TED Talk ‘Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are’ highlights perhaps one of the most known explanations of how to tap into the embodied mind. Cuddy’s research was motivated by the proposition that when you pretend to be powerful, you are more likely to actually feel powerful
A beautiful thing about Cuddy’s research is its emphasis on the body first, so even if you cannot find that state of belief in your mind you can give it a helping hand by playing the part in your body and behaviour.

‘Power Poses’ makes us feel more confident, despite what our minds may tell us.



Those rubbish thoughts are invading again 

Keep bringing yourself back time and again to the positive thoughts. Treat yourself the way you would treat a puppy dog ~ " come  back, come back I know things seem more fun over there but come back to me".

This is a new way of being and you can TRUST that, in the same way as muscles get stronger as you use them, your mind will become more able to stay more positive as you keep the positive words there in the mind and attitude in the body. Whatever it is you are thinking about you can shut it out ~ until you can actually do something about the situation or say the things you want to say to the person concerned.

Until you can actually act on them the thoughts are completely ineffective and maybe even self-destructive.

Now you’re ready to imagine and clearly define your best new life/situation and start to make different choices in life aligned with your new picture. Don't worry about how this will happen; simply start to take baby steps in that direction and you are doing something positive about where you are NOW. 

Research reveals there are four areas of mental training that can significantly improve your wellbeing: Resilience, outlook, awareness, and generosity. “Each of these four is rooted in neural circuits, and each of these neural circuits exhibits plasticity,” explains Davidson. “So we know that if we exercise these circuits, they will strengthen.”

It’s easy to be content when things are going well but what about when we face hardship?

Building resilience – or how we recover from adversity – influences the amount of negative emotion which we experience. Individuals who show a more rapid recovery in key neural circuits in the brain have higher levels of Wellbeing. They are protected in many ways from the adverse consequences of life’s slings and arrows. Davidson advocates the use of mindfulness.

Looking at our Outlook

Whether it’s savouring the last bite of chocolate cake or enjoying a family holiday, a positive outlook on life increases our wellbeing. “I use outlook to refer to the ability to see the positive in others,” says Davidson. “The ability to savour positive experiences, the ability to see another human being as a human being who has innate basic goodness.” Extending towards a person compassion and understanding helps us too!

Unlike with resilience the simple practice of loving kindness meditation alters the neural circuitry quite quickly.

Even people who suffer from depression show activation in the brain circuit underlying outlook, but in them, it doesn’t last—it’s very transient.

The effects of generosity

When we act generously by volunteering at a homeless shelter or giving somebody a compliment, we become happier in ourselves. The ability to empathise, express gratitude and behave compassionately towards others are skills that can not only be learned, but also can make us feel happy.

There are now a plethora of data showing that when individuals engage in gernerous behaviour they actually activate circuits in the brain that are key to fostering Wellbeing – and that’s in a way which is more enduring than winning a game! 

NOW is all that we are able to change. The past is finished and the future is yet to come.

All you can change is NOW in the moment ~ so make every thought positive and caring for you. This really does work and the concept of neuroplasticity explains how this is the case.


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