Understand and deal with Anxiety

How has this anxiety crept up on me and what are the best ways to help myself?

Feel in charge of your feelings
Stop the 'fight or flight' reactions in my mind
Get off that anxiety roundabout and find inner peace 

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Please do not feel that you have to deny your feelings

It's natural to feel anxious sometimes as we are wired up to keep us safe when we are in danger = your natural fight or flight reaction = adrenaline release fired by your Amygdala in your brain - with the resulting physical responses in the body which would keep us safe if we were attacked by a lion. NO LIONS! So we don't run and we don't use up the adrenaline so this stress hormone (plus cortisol) builds up in our body so next time we feel stressed this next rush of adrenaline adds to that already there - HEY PRESTO I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO BURST!

What keeps the anxiety running? Normal thoughts become invasive thoughts due to the adrenaline and cortisol inside you. What are your intrusive thoughts which are bugging you? 
Anger, Ashamed, Guilt, Sadness, Hurt? Where have those feelings come from? 

Your relationships at home? A situation at work? 


12 tips to help you work through Anxiety

1. Be Really Really honest with yourself about the feeling which is driving you ... but then it's probably not the first feeling which you thought of but some other feeling underneath. For instance a feeling of anger is often in response to a feeling of hurt or deep sadness. Let the feelings out - "Let the bear roar". You can do this in a safe place away from everyone. In the car is a good place.

2. Get those thoughts out of your head and start to write how you feel in a journal. Explore themes and new AHA! moments.

3. Create new positive messages for yourself to keep a positive mind-set

4. Meditation, mindfulness and rest will all help your situation.

5. Allow someone you trust to support you and share how you feel. Don't expect them to solve things - simply listen and be there for you - and give you a hug. Why spend time with people who drain you or criticise you? Keeping time with these people to a minimum - even members of your family - will help you now. Maybe you're feeling lonely and can't think of anyone who you can trust?

6. Find the right combination of supplements to counteract the effects on your brain.  Your brain will have been on overload for quite a while even before you realised what was going on. 
Multivitamins, Magnesium, 5HTP, WellBeingBlend of Aromatherapy essential oils, herbs, ASEA can all help and I explain how using my Biochemistry knowledge.

Keeping YOU at the top of your priority list 

 7. Unwind those sub-conscious reactions.  I love showing my clients how they can use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) at home. This helps to "kick start" the commitment we need to "reclaim" ourselves and  the recovery we are searching for.

8. Exercising regularly helps us remove the adrenaline and stress hormone cortisol from the body.

9. Why are you trying to do too much? Who is asking too much of you? Work, family, friends.... You and your own expectations? Whatever our life is like we all need to simply life....or you would not be reading this blog!

10. Bring yourself back to NOW as now is the only place where we can make those changes - our thoughts, our actions and why not, in this moment, simply stroke your arm and say 'I LOVE ME'. So why not make every thought positive and caring for you. This really does work and there is enough information out there which confirms this. W

11. Imagine and clearly define your best life/situation and you will start to make different choices in life aligned with your new picture. Don't worry about how this will happen; simply start to take baby steps in that direction and you are doing something positive about where you are NOW




This is all making sense and I think I can see my way forward 

12. Talking to someone helps us to crystallise our thoughts and what is really important to us. If you don't know anyone who you feel is able to help maybe I can offer my services to you.

There's lots we can do it's about finding the commitment and space to start off the process. It's widely known now that it takes 21 days to create and keep a good habit/routine so it sticks as a part of our life.
As we get insights into where it all came from we are able to take away the power of the anxiety to mess us up. 

We are always helped by thinking thoughts full of love and heartfelt appreciation for ourselves. 

YES we can all do this - even if, at first we don't believe it, thinking loving thoughts will short circuit those critical wounding thoughts you are having now. Feel strong inside and let those around you think what they want to think - cos we are feeling good about ourselves.

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