What painful emotion are you feeling today?

Let's navigate the turbulence and find the calm in the centre of the storm. 

Why am I feeling fear, anger, confusion, anxiety?
Don't feel you have time to deal with it as there is too much to do?
Is this emotional tug of war frustrating, scary and confusing?

These emotions are a call to action.

Unfulfilled fundamental needs are at the core of how you are feeling. 
Are you walking on egg shells around someone because they keep changing the goal post?
Do you know what your core values are which will sustain you?

Is a boss at work praising you one day and the next day critical? A painful emotion is a small part of us which gets a hold. Like a bear roaring within us. These emotions are showing us that something is wrong – we’ve been pushed too far and something has to give. These strong painful emotions are our friend. If they were not so strong we would not take action.

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Your able to take charge of this emotion when it matters

This emotion you feel is asking to be heard and expressed. NOT squashed down YET AGAIN! This bear inside you has been around for a long time and simply wants to be heard because what it has to say is important to you. So it’s really important that you hear this message.

So what exactly is this emotion you are feeling? When you have identified what it is you need to have a name for it so that you notice it and name it when it erupts. 

So how do I do this?
Take yourself to a quiet room – or even better outside - and begin to write down anything which you have to say about this emotion – or draw a picture or scribble or doodle - or maybe massage a part of your body which is hurting you. Let tears and words rise up from within you. Let them well up and let them out. Let the bear inside of you out of its cage and roar! 

Let the REAL thoughts out which are bothering you. Don’t be worried or scared they will explode just let them explode. You’re safe and there’s no-one there to judge you.

You will get fresh insights and AHAA moments and identify the emotion as you allow your bear to roar. Let your bear roar until there is no roar left inside you and allow your bear to rest in it’s den for a while and be peaceful and calm and tranquil – a special place.


It's often our realtionships at work or at home that have created this emotion
Identification and acceptance of this painful emotion helps us to settle our emotions rather than suffer the roller coaster again and remember you are not your emotions they are simply energy in action.

Our relationships are the catalyst which brings up our emotions, which is a good thing, however, our emotions are sometimes difficult to deal with and face so we put it off and they fester and eat away at us. This is not healthy for you or making you happy and this is where I can help.

Let me explain in person so that I can tailor it to your circumstances by visiting http://bit.ly/2jhuxNe PLUS you will receive your 10 Steps to a happier relationship.



You are the most important person in your life. It's OK to put yourself first.
Use Coaching and Mindfulness to overcome anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, shame or simply deep hurt
To find your true self to enable you to be happy. I can help you identify what really matters to you and communicate your feelings clearly. Becoming more aware of where and when your principles and core values are being compromised means you become more in control and even assertive. After working with me you will have a positive mind-set, a calmer outlook on life and will have identified a way forward to a happy future. 

My unique strength is the combination of Wellbeing Coaching with Relaxing Self-Massage using a luxurious Aromatherapy blend of essential oils, the WellBeingBlend sent to you at home.

Support yourself with high quality food supplements. I recommend Zinzino.

When feelings are running high the sense of touch along with Coaching helps you keep things in perspective and bring you back to a more calm and balanced place. I have 30 years' experience of helping clients gain a fresh perspective on life and a more positive picture of themselves in their relationships. I'll help YOU find ways to be true to yourself and others. 

Coaching, Mindfulness, Massage ..... and even luxurious Aromatherapy blends especially for you.

Work with me to understand and address your PAINFUL EMOTIONS

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