Boost your self-esteem - from nervous me to new me

What is holding me back from saying how I really feel?

Why do I feel that what others want is more important?
How can I stand up for myself better?
How can I stand firm when something REALLY MATTERS to me and I know that I am right?

Becoming a Free Spirit

My 3 year old grandchild is so full of inner happiness. People comment on it when they see him. We were all like that once so where does it all go? He makes no excuses for being who he is. He does not feel judged and does not hold back;  it just all comes out as it is, in the moment.
What would happen that’s so awful if we did and said what we thought and felt like doing in the moment? Why are we not able to be free spirits? Enjoy my Free Spirit picture.

Standing up for whatever we think is right; knowing our truth is also valuable to others

Although there are many things which we absolutely cannot do or we would lose our jobs - or upset a person this does not stop us from listening to what our heart says - and then say and do what is there - with consideration for the situation.
Why exactly do we judge ourselves? What exactly stops me being honest with those around me?

It all boils down to our level of self-esteem and how much we trust that what we think and like to happen has just as much value as another person's thoughts and wishes.

BUT - do we know what we DO want?

Lets give ourselves the time to go back to basics.
1) Take at least 2 hours out of your week
... and unplug all your devices.. you need time for you.
2) Take yourself somewhere quiet, away from the office, house, domestic stuff.. and take a note pad...
3) Grab a favourite drink and take 10 mins to unpack all your thoughts.. and transport yourself to a year from now...and imagine you now have your dream life...

What are you doing now?
How are you feeling now?
How many friends do you have you can rely on?
How much time are you spending doing the things you love?
How many hours are you relaxing/doing exercise?
What is going on in the rest of your life?
What fun things are you sharing with your friends ?
What are your relationships like now?


What is right for us in our heart?

It helps to write this in a journal so you can look at it and develop your ideas. 

Write down what you think is stopping you from taking the next steps towards creating your ideal life. What is blocking your self esteem? Who is the person who most stops you from saying what you think? Sharing your deepest wishes?
What REALLY MATTERS to you now in this moment? What are your core values?
Be honest and clear and don't let anything restrict what you are writing down now.. let this part just flow out of you onto the paper.. and then some more please until you have really got to the bottom of what really matters as it takes some time for us to get to the bottom of what is MOST IMPORTANT to you. It's been buried down there for so long it's not even sure whether it's allowed to show itself.

What are your resources? How have you created something positive in the past and how can you replicate this now by using your many skills and resources in order to create that which really matters to you? 

Then write down your plan of action.. to get to where you want to be. and put this plan up where you can see it to remind you of your commitment to you. A step by step strategy will help.

What else is holding you back now? Maybe it would help to revisit the questions above again and ask yourself now..

Where do you feel you are NOT allowing yourself to be honoured and/or respected?
Who is not honouring/respecting you? Why do you think that is happening?

Have a go at removing that part of them in this visualisation.




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