Welcome your WellBeingBlend  - instructions for use

A new way to find a space of peace, calm and resilience in times of stress

Still your thoughts and feel more peaceful
Feel more connected to your 'authentic self' and feel a sense of WellBeing
Become more focused in everyday life

Pick up  your applicator and smell your evocative blend. It's evocative and has impact on your senses and not necessarily pleasant.

It is likely that this smell will remind you of something but you don't know what.
That's locked in your sub conscious which is where we are acting upon.

We are going to combine the benefit of your Aromatherapy WellBeingBlend with the sense of touch and bring you to a place of mindfulness.
You are feeling a sense of freedom from those worrying thoughts and challenging issues in your life.
You are feeling more in control of your life and not letting anything get in the way.
You now have a way to immediately bring all of this to a HALT 



1) Set up = Mindfulness Hand Exercise on your hand using your 
It is important that you do this 
3 times a day for 3 days

Mindfulness hand exercise
See my video. 
First rub the applicator on the palm of your hand 3 times releasing the smell of your WellBeingBlend. 
Rub your hands together and place your hands over your face and breathe in and smell your individual blend of essential oils.

Hold out your left hand palm upwards. Starting at the top of your index finger trace down with a very gentle touch, using your right middle finger, to the bottom of your finger. Focus on each joint as you travel down.

Trace across to your middle finger and trace up, pause, then down again and again across to your ring finger. Repeat until you are at the bottom of your little finger; then go back to the ring finger and all the way back and include the thumb. It's important that you do this slowly and with focus keeping your thoughts on your finger and hand. This is a space of mindfulness.

At the bottom of the thumb continue on down to the wrist and across the wrist low down over your wrist bones and up the side of your hand. Now you are able to trace a slowly decreasing spiral on your palm starting across the bottom of your fingers down to your thumb and just above your wrist. When you reach the centre spend a few moments circling your finger in the middle of your palm.  

Place both palms of your hands on your eyes and look into the blackness for a few moments enjoying the smell of your WellBeingBlend again.

2) You're now ready! And when you need that instant inner peace take the top off your WellBeingBlend applicator, which you have popped into your handbag or briefcase, and smell your WellBeingBlend to immediately bring you back to Mindfulness.
if you have time to apply it to the palm of your hand even better - for immediate switch off from BOTHER and back to CALM FOCUS. 

That’s sitting at your desk or on the train, outside for a breather or even on the loo to bring you back to your special place.
3) Top up every 2 days your Mindfulness Hand Routine with your 


You now have immediate CALM, FOCUS AND PEACE whenever you want it!
Keep up the practice of combining Hand Mindfulness with 
WellBeingBlend every 2 days. 
Giving yourself time for YOU.                 

"Thank you Fran for my gorgeous WellbeingBlend. I adore the aroma and it really helps me. There's always lots to do and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Now, I can just take the blend out of my bag, breathe in and find myself back in my calm but focused place. Perfect!" - See other testimonials on my home page 

Gift for a friend? Would you like to give a WellBeingBlend applicator to a friend? 
Perhaps you feel able to fill in the questions on their behalf?




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