Handling your feelings around COVID 19 and dealing with worry and anxiety

How can I help myself to keep well and safe from COVID 19?

The science of what a virus is
The Psychological effects of fear of the virus on the immune system
How to apply simple yet effective ways to keep yourself calm and well
Help yourself through these worrying times


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You are What You Think All Day Long - are you afraid of becoming infected by this virus?  
Our immune system is absolutely capable of dealing with and fighting off this virus and it's already fighting off viruses which are always in our system every day.

The fever is our wonderful body killing the virus and the catarrh and phlegm are absorbing and neutralising the toxins produced. It's a mystery as to why little phlegm is produced in response to COVID 19. Fear of the virus is compromising our immune system by producing cortisol and adrenaline. Both of which are part of the fight or flight mechanism; our response to stress.

Keeping busy with a positive attitude; rather than feeding into the fear is what we are looking to achieve.
The only person we can truly be responsible for is ourselves and it's in the word ...being able to respond...to the virus.

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First understand what a virus is and what it's about
It's not out to kill you but simply to reproduce. That's it's only way of being. It has long been a discussion within the science world as to whether or not a virus even alive! It's the over reaction of our body which is what we fear NOT the virus itself. We can help ourselves by keeping well and by finding an inner peace and being able to quiet the confusion whenever it rises up.

Yet WHY does this virus affect us in the particular way it does? What exactly are the anxieties and confusion which it is creating in us and why? 

Can I encourage you to use this time to identify an inner, maybe sub conscious, message - which already bothered you on occasion before Covid - and which you often push down time and again. This Covid challenge  is asking you to hear and finally understand and make your peace with this message.
Use my Anxiety gremlin exercise to explore this further. 

Let’s compare this with the way a computer looks after our information

Hand washing and social distancing are the FIREWALL within your computer.
The immune system is the ANTIVIRUS which recognises something which has got through and is alien and is able to knock it out then repel it and kill it.

The only way a virus would get beyond these 2 fortresses would be if we did something unwise for example opened an email which we did not recognise which contained a virus and that’s where we can make a real difference and be vigilant by;

  1. Keeping out the fear and worry about what’s going on; and of getting the virus itself.
    This undermines the immune system = stress.
  2. Eating simply good food, especially vegetables full of minerals, and keeping sugar and gluten to a minimum – some sweetness is good.
  3. Keeping up the supplements for example Vitamin C and a multivitamin. You may also consider taking iodine using a salt tower. Google Dr Myhill
  4. Giving ourselves time to be open to and listen to our intuitive self; letting it speak to us and show us what is important.
    Let go of the rush.
  5. MOST OF ALL keep loving you and being kind to you first and then sharing that love with those around you. Even if you are on your own you can enjoy self-massage as the sense of touch increases the amount of oxytocin which reassures and enhances the immune system

This a not a war against a baddy but rather an opportunity to take the time to make a real difference to your lifestyle. It’s a time to realise what really matters to you. It’s an opportunity which the virus has given us. 

We have the time now to make POSITIVE CHOICES and enjoy the rest, or if you are still working the quiet times which are on offer, and take the time to contemplate and come closer to a place of inner peace. 

CLOSE YOUR EYES NOW and take yourself to a beach, beside a still lake or on top of a mountain – wherever is good and safe for you and take 3 deep relaxing breaths breathing out into the ground


You're now in a good space to think about how you can use to your advantage whatever is happening to you due to this virus. 

The more peaceful and safe you feel, the better you are at supporting your immune system in attacking the virus. 
It's important now that we begin to TRUST that we can get closer to people.
Keeping apart and being suspicious of other people is also not good for our immune system.

Can we possibly view this time as a positive opportunity?
Can a positive TRUSTING attitude help to keep me well? 
The world needs our compassion our stillness our willingness to be in the moment and focus on what is true and solid around us. The world needs our purity of being and love.

The magic we see happening is the response of the world to the virus when we, and much of humanity, are coming together and valuing each other and even serving one another. Imagine the world when each and every one of us is finding inner peace. Then our inner peace in our body and mind PLUS confidence in our body and immune system rubs off onto those around us.

Regular 'positive happy peaceful loving times' in our day will make this our default'.

Professor Richard J Davidson founder of The Centre for Healthy minds says

"When given a challenging situation your brain hasn’t encountered before, it can reorganise and restructure to respond to that situation. The more often your brain is exposed to that new challenge – like learning a musical instrument,(or keeping happy through challenging times) for instance – the more it reorganises and makes that path more established…Our brains are constantly being shaped wittingly or unwittingly – most of the time unwittingly….We’re raising the possibility to intentionally training our brains to improve Wellbeing"

"Fundamentally Wellbeing and a positive trusting attitude is no different from learning to play the cello, if one practises the skills of Happiness and Wellbeing one will get better at it" 

Have a more Open Trusting relationship with your Mind and your Immune System

The Polyvagal Theory helps us to understand how our nervous and immune systems are affected by stress and how positive statements and a positive mind set help you feel more calm.


When you get a 'worry attack' look around you at what is solid and stable and REAL and stay there. Yes our thoughts wander off yet we can keep bringing them back to what is solid.
We can switch off those turbulent thoughts.

For some people quiet music or even being taken to a quiet safe place helps when you can shut out the invasive thoughts and feel safe from the virus.
Listen to my 'Bubbling river' video.
Listen to my 'Safe in my castle' video. 
EFT is a very useful technique which you can try at home yet works best with the help of a trained therapist.
Click here to see my demonstration video on the theme of feeling stuck and powerless.

What are the words which you would choose to say to yourself now?
TRUST these positive words as they are creating new pathways in your brain which are aligning your brain (and immune system) towards surprising ways of keeping well and repelling the virus. 


I am safe from this virus.

I trust that my body is able to destroy this virus.

I am looking after myself well and the virus is not able to get in.

I know that loving myself and being kind to myself is helping me.

I don't need to be ill I choose instead to keep fit and look after my body

I am safe, I love myself.

I love and accept myself as I am now warts and all

I am at peace

Fake it til you become it – the brain is rewiring itself

Your thoughts and immune system are creating and defining you

Remember it's only us who can change those thoughts

We are no longer the victim to outside circumstances or this virus. We BECOME the thoughts we focus on consciously and subconsciously. Let’s keep the thoughts positive as much as we can to create new positive brain connections - even when we are feeling negative.

Do you need to let out the feelings which are driving the thoughts? Allow yourself to weep a few tears or roar like a bear!

Our body language changes our mental attitude
Amy Cuddy’s viral 2012 TED Talk ‘Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are’ highlights perhaps one of the most known explanations of how to tap into the embodied mind. Cuddy’s research was motivated by the proposition that when you pretend to be powerful, you are more likely to actually feel powerful
A beautiful thing about Cuddy’s research is its emphasis on the body first, so even if you cannot find that state of belief in your mind you can give it a helping hand by playing the part in your body and behaviour.

‘Power Poses’ makes us feel more confident, despite what our minds may tell us.
Repel the virus and tell it it's not welcome and can't come in.



 This is a new way of being and you can TRUST that, in the same way as muscles get stronger as you use them, your immune system is getting stronger and especially when we have to fight an infection.

Davidson advocates the use of mindfulness - which he calls OUTLOOK
Whether it’s savouring the last bite of chocolate cake or enjoying a family holiday, a positive outlook on life increases our wellbeing. “I use outlook to refer to the ability to see the positive in others,” says Davidson. “The ability to savour positive experiences, the ability to see another human being as a human being who has innate basic goodness.” Extending towards a person compassion and understanding helps us too! 

The effects of generosity

When we act generously by delivering food to a neighbour or supporting a loved one we become happier in ourselves. The ability to empathise, express gratitude and behave compassionately towards others are skills that make us feel happy.

There are now a plethora of data showing that when individuals engage in generous behaviour they actually activate circuits in the brain that are key to fostering Wellbeing – and that helps our immune system. 

NOW is all that we are able to change. The past is finished and the future is yet to come.

All you can change is NOW in the moment ~ so make every thought positive and caring for you. 


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