Sleep our Sub-conscious and our Ancestors

We have all have problems with sleep at times yet for some of us it becomes more of an issue. 

What is happening during sleep?

Is our sub-conscious trying to tell us something?
Ways to sleep better 

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Do you often wake up in the mornings feeling more tired when you went to bed? 

Do you regularly wake up during the night for no apparent reason? Or do you have trouble getting off to sleep in the first place? 

What affects the quality of your sleep?

Good quality sleep is an uninterrupted stretch of roughly 7-8 hours, during which your mind and body rest, cleanse and recuperate. 

Getting uninterrupted sleep is sadly a challenge in many stages of life.  So many factors can affect your sleep pattern – from external things like noise and light, to personal factors like snoring or having to go to the toilet, particularly when you are older!

Food is an important factor too and what and when you have eaten are a good place to start. The secret is to find out what factors affect your sleep and control the ones that you can.

Support yourself with good quality supplements. I highly recommend Zinzino.

Empower yourself to have a good nights sleep


How well do you sleep now?

The first step to a better night’s sleep is to work out what affects you and to keep a sleep diary.  This will help you identify the factors that you can control. Once you have analysed what helps you sleep better, and what does not, you will identify the things that you can control for your better night’s sleep. 

Click here for a list of the things which you may like to look at to help you sleep better.

Click here for an exercise taking you to a deeper place to try to solve old patterns.

Nedegaard showed in mice that during sleep the glial cells in the brain are clearing toxins from the brain. We are unable to perform both sensory tasks and cleansing of the brain whilst awake; thus our sleep time is our cleansing time for the brain.

Sleep has been my particular challenge in life and has been a great indicator for me as to the things which will keep me well. My body seems to be particularly sensitive to what I eat and how I treat my body. It is keeping me fit and well and I thank it for this.


How our sub-conscious affects our sleep

It has been thought for a long time that, while we are sleeping, we are processing memories and feelings. This is why we dream. Our sub-conscious is repairing itself. We are in a theta brain wave state. As we are falling asleep we enter the alpha wave state. That place where, sometimes, we feel as if we are falling; it’s that lovely drowsy state.

During sleep we are often mithering about unresolved happenings and worries which, while asleep, we cannot deal with and we may wake with these thoughts in our mind and our conscious mind then wants to sort them out on waking - even if it's the middle of the night! The conscious thinking brain has taken over! We need to calm our thinking brain.

During Mindfulness = Meditation in action, we may enter the theta wave state and may be able to process some of the information which would otherwise be done during sleep. Regular meditation gets the brain used to being in a theta wave state and we are able to click back there more easily. 

Reconnecting to our past and our Ancestors 

Much of our conscious processing is done within the Amygdala in the Limbic system in the brain. This is where we react to fear. How much of that fear and worry came in with us from our parents and from theirs on down the line?

My sense is that we are deeply yet subtly affected by our ancestors.
If we each look back to what we know about our ancestors it is likely that we will see 1 or 2 themes. These themes are held within the resonance of our DNA; that is within the bonds between the atoms of the DNA. This resonance is imprinted into our nerve connections, the dendrites between the cells, which are formed within the womb; and continue to be formed as we develop.

I've had to look at ways to deal with this aspect and would be happy to tell you more about my experiences and further thoughts.

I'm so relieved to be able to say that I now have a good night's sleep. 




In the womb and before 

Our mother and her own experiences, plus those close to us during her pregnancy, will add to this story. We know that the foetus is very responsive to the environment around it and this environment will add to the way these connections are formed. Much of these messages are set within the Amygdala; our reptilian, none feeling, basic, keep us safe from danger, part of the brain.
It does not ask questions it simply reacts.

This area of the brain needs us to reassure and soothe it on a regular basis.
Keeping our toxic load to a minimum as explained in the sleep pdf certainly helps yet often we also will benefit from considering and dealing with our past.

Our partner, family and friends will doubtless help us and challenge us because this is how I see life working. It’s magical how we bring these people into our life to show us the areas which will benefit us to work on.

I cover these areas in my blogs; and I invite you to explore further the list to find those relevant to yourself.

GOOD SLEEP is on it's way 

It's building inside of you! Keep opening your heart to good sleep - and make sure that your heart is open to receive that peace and calm which will help you.

Mindfulness with the Aromatherapy WellBeingBlend will support you too. 


You are the “master of your soul.”

Let's use a comforting smell to anchor your Good Sleep  

Work with me to find your own way to enjoy a good quality GOOD SLEEP most nights. 

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