Divorce or Separation Looming?

This has been on it's way for a while and a decision has to be made. 

How can I know that my feelings are REALLY being heard?

How can I decide which difficult conversations we need to have?
How can we honour each other through this process?

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You've turned a corner and know SOMETHING HAS TO SHIFT 

It's time for my needs to be heard and respected - but I'm not absolutely sure what my needs are yet

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Life is so busy and full on these days. Our emotional self gets ignored and put onto the back burner - until something brings it all out into the open - something big happens and there is no turning back, no amount of pushing the awful truth aside will work.    

Our emotions have to be heard otherwise we will either explode with dramatic consequences OR, we take stock and realise that this is an OPPORTUNITY to become stronger and more assertive. To value who we are and identify what is REALLY IMPORTANT to us. That's how you are going to get through this tough time ahead. Do you find that you are getting angry? Click here. You may even be suffering from Domestic Abuse.

First making our peace with the feelings inside us


It's difficult to share this with our friends

It's important that you make your own decisions. There will be difficult conversations ahead when honesty is the key; along with a clear head accompanied by a true awareness of the real situation. You will hear your own truth and that of your husband/wife/partner. Trust you are able to understand what is going wrong as you communicate better with all the family too.

Feel safer and give yourself a safe place to think. 

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Step by step you trust that you really are worth looking after, first of all by yourself, and then by others around you. Have you thought of going for a massage = pampering time for you

Gain an understanding of the issues which you both have. These issues have often originated from childhood (that's NOT saying that your parents were bad people)


How do we manage to press each other's buttons?

It's strange the way this happens. It's the emotional games we play with each other.
Explore inspiring possibilities and ways that you may be able to stay together after all; a vision of a better family life. It's worth looking at this first before going ahead with divorce or separation.

If you know you have to part - trust that this is an opportunity to build a new life which suits you better. When we know the right direction we can take our own rudder and steer and we need someone to guide us through the rapids and the strong currents of our emotions.

Try this exercise to feel you can let go of a part of them which is not serving you.

You are in a non judgemental, confidential and professional space

Safe, comfortable and supportive, going at your own pace in your own time. 
Listen to your inner knowing, trust your own insights and build a better image of yourself.

Create new coping strategies and a positive Mind-set

You are at your most vulnerable and you need someone who you can trust, and with whom you can plan those difficult but important conversations and make the right decisions. 
I am able to help you.

Talk through the possibility of a your divorce/separation with me and let's work out new strategies to make sure that you are treated better in your relationship, whatever happens, during this new phase you are entering.

I’ve been through a divorce which was amicable and am now in a stable partnership of 22 years
Both sets of children are grown up and happy. I come from a place of understanding.

First I listen and understand your situation.
Ask you questions which enable you to identify your strengths, create those coping strategies and a positive mind-set - and then give you the extra push where needed.

You're in a safe space where you can lick your wounds - and then get up again and face up to what is happening. Become stronger inside, clearer, confident.

Work out what is truly right for you; to help make what is right for you really happen.
Trust that you really can get out the other side.

TRUST you'll be OK and keep strong if you decide you really have to go.
We will help you find new friends who will support you through this process.




You are the most important person in your life - put YOU first

Find yourself again. Use Coaching and Mindfulness to overcome anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, shame or simply deep hurt and know what is right for you and not the other person.

I can help you identify what really matters to you and communicate your feelings clearly. Becoming more aware of where and when your principles are being compromised means you become more assertive

My unique strength is the combination of Wellbeing Coaching with Relaxing Massage and a luxurious Aromatherapy blend of essential oils,

When feelings are running high the sense of touch, along with Coaching, is soothing and helps you keep things in perspective and bring you back into your body to find a more calm and balanced place. I have 30 years' experience helping clients gain a fresh perspective on life and a more positive picture of themselves their relationships. 

And finally...

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A BETTER LIFE is on it's way no matter which way you choose to go.

Meanwhile keep opening your heart to this special person in your life as much as you possibly can - and make sure that your heart is open to receive any love from them too which will help you both.

Mindfulness with the Aromatherapy WellBeingBlend will support you too. 


Let's use a comforting smell to anchor your better relationship  

Work with me to find your own way to explore your FIRST STEPS TO RESOLVING THIS CONFLICT

I look forward to being in touch with you, 
Bye for now. x