Zinzino Vitamins, Omega 3 and Gut Biome support

Supporting your immune system to protect you through the COVID 19 pandemic

1. Xtend vitamins and immune support

2. Balance Omega 3 fish oil
3. Zinobiotic for your gut biome bacteria

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A great combination to support your health 

All of our living tissues are dynamic and there is continual replenishment and healing happening within our body which we can trust.

One of the common problems we see when that replenishment is compromised is inflammation in our arteries: which in turn leads to atheroma; which may cause a heart condition. The right diet, water and environment will normally shrink this atheroma. Common warning signs of this inflammation is increased blood pressure and gingivitis

All of today’s progressive lifestyle diseases come from 3 different core areas:
1. Chronic inflammation due to insufficient cell metabolism – driving degeneration and ageing.
2. Insufficient nutrient intake – compromised cell functions and tissue repair.
3. Poor gut microbiome culture – poor gut feeling, cravings, poor food choices.

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Balance oil is a blend of marine omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil, polyphenols and vitamin D3. This blend, developed over decades of testing and research, has the most effective combination.
By correcting your omega 6/3 balance you minimize the risks of chronic inflammation and over production of prostaglandins to create the optimal environment; boosting the body's own self-healing mechanisms and immune system - see below.

Zinzino offer a unique test for your Omega 3 fatty acids which is measured by Vitas an independent Laboratory in Oslo.
We suggest you do the test before using Balance oil as a baseline followed by a test again after 6 months. This is the Omega 3 index and ideally is 3 when reading Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3. Mine went from orange to green; mine was a spot on level of 3. I was delighted! A level of 5g of Omega 3/kg is recommended and the amount you take is adjusted according to your weight.

I know that the level of inflammation within my body is low. PLUS there is plenty of the right fatty acids for my cell membranes PLUS I have good cardio vascular health.

Xtend can be said to be “cell food”. A very unique nutrient complex of 25 different vitamins and minerals plus many phytonutrients from foods that actually feed your cells, promote healthy cell regeneration/tissue repair, and boost your immune system. This is currently the most up to date supplement on the market. Zinzino say "Find a better one and we will make ours even better."

Zinobiotic More and more research is confirming that “the gut is the second brain” and Zinobiotic takes care of the "little workers" in the gut whose health determines more in our lives than most people would believe. Zinobiotic is a blend of 5 types of fibres that feed the gram+ bacteria throughout the colon enabling them to cleanses toxicity from your gut. Feeding healthy bacteria will improve many vital processes in your body while determining your food choices.

This range has been created by a team in Scandinavia with the help of Paul Clayton whose name I've known for many years. Hear what he has to tell us about Balance 

Take a look at the website www.zinzino.com

To gain full benefits, DO NOT forget your base diet and water intake! Water is the base of everything and iseven more important than fatty acids when it comes to cell metabolism.

One of the big goals is to restore optimal cell membrane function to facilitate nutrient and waste transport. Lack of water intake will eventually shut the cell membranes down to prevent losing water below the critical point.

It is ideal to take all 3 of the above for 6 months at £66 per month = PREMIER PRICE
If you'd like to pay less take Balance oil and Xtend for £56 per month.

Empower yourself to know you're doing your best for your body, mind and spirit


First soothe chronic inflammation in your body which causes many allergic reactions

Zinzino supplements help you to restore the balance in your body and give it what it needs to function optimally. This is why the scientists recommend a 6-month subscription - we know that lifestyle problems come over time, so the only way to efficiently sort it is also over a period of time.

What sets Zinzino apart from others is that we offer a high level, independent lab test to efficiently measure your fatty acid profile of Omega 6 to Omega 3 - the 6/3/ratio - in your whole blood. Our cell membranes contain a high proportion of fatty acids and it is vitally important that this ratio remains low for efficient cell membrane function. 

An ideal ratio is 5 - or even better 2. The problem is that because Omega 6 uses the same enzyme as Omega 3 if we flood the body with Omega 6 the Omega 3 gets left out and it's level falls. 

If you know me at all you know how much I talk about the importance of healthy cell membranes!! All of the tests are collected in a large database and you take a second test after 6 months showing your new value. 

The role of these fatty acids is to :

  • facilitate efficient communication between the cells
  • enhance nutrient/waste product transport through the cell membrane
  • protect the cells from viruses, bacteria and damage by managing inflammatory reactions and equilibrium. 

Zinzino’s Balance Test is an easy self-test for analysing the fatty acids in your blood. All it requires are a few drops of blood from the fingertip on a filter paper which takes a minute to complete; then pop into the post.

Your anonymous blood sample is analysed by a certified independent laboratory in Norway for analysis. You'll then receive your personal test results on 𝐰𝐰𝐰.𝐳𝐢𝐧𝐳𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐭.𝐜𝐨𝐦. 

The test analyses 11 fatty acids in your blood that represents 98% of the fatty acids present in your blood. The balance between these types of fatty acids determines how well-functional your cells are and may indicate a possible degenerative disorder which you may not even be aware of.

There is no medication to address chronic inflammation. Instead we create a good environment for the body to heal and regenerate. Put out the fire.

The dose is calculated according to your weight = your weight in kg x 0.15ml

For science enthusiasts, listen to the co-founder scientist Ola Eide HERE about how the balance concept was created and the key science behind it.


Our vitamins, polyphenols and a healthy gut biome; supporting our immune system

Xtend vitamins and minerals supplement. For many years I have known the importance of the bioflavonoids and co-factors which accompany our vitamins and which are not present in the 'propriatory' vitamins on the chemists' shelf. However science says that now the only legal way to administer, for example Vitamin C, is to give ascorbic acid. Yet this is not the complete vitamin and the body does not recognise it very well so the bio-availability is poor, What if you, in effect, put the ascorbic acid back into the orange pulp by adding the bioflavinoids and co factors it's used to seeing? Then the body knows what it is and the bio-availability is much increased. The bioflavinoids and co-factors are called polyphenols.

To start off with take 4 tablets a day of Xtend along with 2 meals
See website for the contents. In a nutshell the focus is on vitamin D3 and K3 which prevent calcification of tissues. 
The B vitamins and carotene soothe the stress response while vitamin A supports the retina avoiding retinopathy Lycopene, which is cardio-protective, and CoQ10 supports our energy systems.
Zinc and selenium are included plus beta glucans which primes the white blood cell macrophages so they are better able to react quickly and more effectively when immobilising pathogens; decreasing the tendency to be allergic. You are supporting your innate immune system. Other polyphenols include curcuminoids, fluorotanins, apple seed extract and rorinide which is another word for cyanide - which, surprisingly, in small amounts is an essential nutrient for the immune system!

The positive effects of Xtend is extended by Zinobiotic in the large intestine where the range of fibres, supplied in Zinobiotic, support the friendly gram positive bacteria which produce butyrate - a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Butyrate overcomes the gram negative bacteria which are covered by lipopolysaccharide which supports inflammation. 
Butyrate has been shown to be extremely good at killing cancer cells.

FOS (fructo oligo saccharide) feeds the gram positive bacteria and burns quickly and inulin is added to continue the work followed by psyllium husk, a bulkier resistant starch holding fluid at the end of the digestive tract allowing the elimination process to fully complete. The probiotics we have been buying til now were like taking raw recruits into a war without training and back up.

Sadly many bacteria in capsules do not survive lyophilisation process making the capsule.
Thus Zinobiotic is in powder form added to water with a scoop.

Re-establish what used to be normal within your digestive system.

Take a look at the website www.zinzino.com

In the future Zinzino would love to improve the national diet and decrease chronic inflammatory disease and transform the chronic ill health within our country; because, at present, many people are being chronically poisoned without realising it's going on. 

Believe or not in the 1850’s we had good nourishment and were burning lots of calories with simple produce from the fields which were low in calorie and high in nutrient density! Lots of oysters and fish transported by trains to the Midlands were readily available.

Athletes and anyone looking to improve their physique have the option to take our shake  further rectifying your microbiome microfibers. For more information take a look at the website www.zinzino.com

How have we got here? 

Medical students only study nutrition for 2 hours!
Doctors do not recommend supplement yet our food is increasingly lacking in many vitamins.

We cannot deny that we are seeing;
- Higher rates of type II Diabetes decreases life expectancy and indicates metabolism imbalances.
- Increasing Neuro-developmental disorders in brains of the young
- Bone and joint disorders - Paul Clayton used to play rugby in winter in the snow and no-one broke a bone yet these days we see more breaks and more osteoarthritis as our metabolism has become toxic to articular joint tissue
- Asthma has increased and it’s normal for 1 in 3 children to come to school with inhalers
- Met analysis looking at intelligence since 1895 is showing that since 1950 our ability to react and respond has slowed
- Since 1970 male sperm counts decreased
- Testosterone levels have decreased by 30% since your fathers were the same age.

Sadly GPs don’t look at our health from a historical perspective  

It's important that we go back to older vegetables and fruit was less sweet too. We have bred for volume and sweetness and the fruit no longer has the polyphenols we need
There's lots of redundancy in human tissue and we can change this situation.




Work with me to find your own way to enjoy a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. 

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