My Treatment Room at WORK HERE in Hereford

Tell your friends that they can enjoy the same quality service in Hereford.

Hereford's first and only co-working space

BEWELL ROOM a quiet room in the centre of town in Bewell Square

Comfortable, Welcoming and Discrete space

Safe Fully Professional Service offering 30 years' experience

To book your free 30 minute chat; Text or call me me on 07974 400575 on SKYPE or ZOOM or FACETIME
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I'm delighted to have found the ideal room in Hereford - at last!

A room where I am able to offer my professional service in the centre of town accessible to car parks with the right environment for my clients.

Coaching, Aromatherapy and Massage service; combine all 3 as required and where relevant within each session.

Keeping you safe at Work Here. See their safety and hygiene policy

Getting you there:  Bewell room is just around the corner from the main office in Bewell Square on the right of Bewell St. See the map on their website 

Parking: Park in Tescos at the end of Bewell St and walk down towards town. You will find Bewell Square on your left. Come into the square and walk up the stairs on your right and Bewell Room is ahead of you at the top. 

More about Work Here

Empower yourself to be the best that you can be

Working with Fran Doidge.

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. Coaching through Separation or Divorce web page

3. Fresh relationship with your partner web page

4. Comfortable body. Find out why that ache won't go away, we sort it then keep it away. 
    Deep tissue Massage web page

5. Relaxation and time for me Aromatherapy web page

6. Problems with Sleep web page

7. My degree in Physiology and Biochemistry informs me in all I offer to you as my client. Read about my qualifications, experience and story on my web page 


Oh yes and there's my Aromatherapy WellBeingBlend too!

Mindfulness with the Aromatherapy WellBeingBlend bringing you instant relaxation on the go. 




Work with me to find your own way to a balanced lifestyle with confidence to be the person you know you are inside.

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