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This is beginning to look interesting

1. How is this Technology acting within my body?

2. Using your own touch receptors in your feet to open up your brain

3. Increase brain optimisation by 36% Strength and balance by 22%

4. Let me help you on the phone or Zoom improve your Wellbeing and ease aches and pains

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What's happening in our fingers/arm/brain?

It's not about how you look or feel it's about how you FUNCTION Click here for website

Next time you stroke the silkiness of your pet's fur - or you hold a pen take a moment to think about how much information your brain is receiving … and then responding to. You need to hold the pen with just the right pressure - or you'll drop it. It's all done via messages to the brain.. then back to the muscles ..and then adjustment again in the brain. Truly amazing!

Information is mingled together within your hand and THEN the whole picture is sent to the brain as a pattern to be processed further as a code. The scientists call this the Pattern Theory. 

Our body is truly amazing. It's doing it all the time for us without us thinking about it.

VoxxLife HPT (Human Performance Technology) products support this wonderful process
No electricity, No medication
; it's a natural intervention. 
The effect of stimulation of your touch receptors, by the haptic pattern within the products, unwind irregular messages in the brain so creating a new and correct pattern of neural signals. In particular helping chronic conditions.

Research using brain scans shows the brain responding; changing red to balanced green

First wear socks, put a patch on your arm or put insoles into your shoes..or a combination.
That’s all you have to do 24/7 all day and all night.

Jay Dhaliwal (who had earnt his fortune with encryption by the age of 28) along with scientists, identified the subtle irregular 'wrong' messages which occur within our body and mind as a result of experiences from conception, right the way through into adulthood and beyond. Jay found that these irregular messages could be "re-coded" into a correct pattern of signals and neural responses. These are sent, via the relay system in the brain stem, to the relevant area of the brain.
It's all about sensors, signals and a response.

How does your car know that there is rain on the windscreen and increases the interval between sweeps of your intermittent wipers?

There is a sensor which detects the water .. and how much there is.. which tells (signal) the wiper motor to respond by increasing the time interval between sweeps of the windscreen wipers.

1. It detects with it's sensor
2. Tells (signal) the relay system
3. to change the message (signal) to the wiper motor
4. The motor responds by moving the wipers more often. 
5. Less rain? the sensor sends feedback (signal) to the relay system which responds by moving the wipers less often

Our body is doing this much much faster using millions of sensors and nerves and responses in our brain. 
Now can you get an idea as to how amazing it would be if we could adjust the signals and responses all over our body?
If we could do this all the time new neural pathways would be formed within the brain so we got stronger and fitter all the time.

Each sock contains incredible Neuro Technology which does exactly this - a snip at £40!
30 day unconditional money back guarantee too!
Buy 3 pairs so you can wear them 24/7

Do you think this would increase your performance on the bike or in the gym

Search for any improvement or health condition you may like to address on our facebook group to find some truly amazing testimonials.
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Trigger a response
It starts with a special tactile pattern specially woven into each product. Contact with this pattern triggers a neural response that sends information from the bottom of your feet to your brain stem and deep into the central nervous system within the brain. 

Affect the body
After processing the information the central nervous system (CNS), within the brain, distributes commands back to the peripheral nervous system affecting various functions of the body. Research using brain scans has shown VoxxLife socks aid Diabetic neuropathy, disorders of movement and lack of REM sleep. These signals help us all to manage pain and improve mobility and motor control in our muscles helping us all walk and balance better. 

During my massage practice I am using these receptors (touch) all the time
My hands are sensitive to subtle differences within the soft tissues of my clients and I am using receptors all the time to identify the pressure which is needed to relieve the tension and muscle spasm. Because I am using the sense of touch all the time I really understand what Jay is offering us. I know the body and all it’s ways of working and know that our body is able to readjust. It needs the right environment around it and the right neural signals. 

I admire Jay's integrity when he talks to us and that he really cares about people rather than profit.

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REM sleep patches Dr Mark explains
HPT Neuropatch -
wear when you cannot wear the socks: used by athletes. 
NeuroVax -
our immunity patch enhances the action of the blood. Red blood cells often stack - called Rolleux- stopping the free movement of the cells through the capillaries and holding up free passage. Helps wound healing Dr Mark DeBrincat explains
Metapatch -
supports efficient metabolism
Boomhi socks -
helping lift and balance your mood

Your sporting achievements are improved as your stability and reflexes are enhanced.
First of all Jay focused on athletes See video

VoxxLife HPT (Human Performance Technology)

Jay works with the priciple of Ikigai:a person’s reason for being which has 4 pillars;
1. Offer the world something it needs
2. Love doing what you so
3. Be committed to continual self-development
4. Be compensated for doing so

Jay has invested in studies showing that Voxx products offer a safe non-invasive and drug free solution to many resistant and challenging health issues – see the VoxxLife stories 

We cannot deny what we are seeing: 

Sadly the pharmaceutical medication which GP's offer are often accompanied by side effects which compromise our many subtle systems. Due to lack of time and energy, many people are eating less and less vegetables and more processed foods. It's important that we look after ourselves as well as using VoxxLife products. Good health and lifestyle helps us avoid long term and chronic effects. 

It's important that we feed our body with the best vitamin, mineral and gut biome supplements. The best I have found to work alongside the VoxxLife products, and help them work at their best, is the Zinzino range. See my Z
inzino blog page

Many parents are finding that our products help children too!

"It's not about how you look or feel but about how you FUNCTION"

Further thoughts

How long does it take for positive effects to kick in?

In many cases the effect is within 7 seconds!
In other cases the body, working from an inner wisdom, has decided that another part of your neurological system is what it needs to deal with first, rather than the pain which you may be wanting it to help!
However you can be sure that your body is putting your HPT into action. The brain is prioritising what is needed to be addressed first.  
Those people who are lucky enough to see their own brain scans using the HPT are amazed at what they are seeing and the real difference which the Neuro Technology is making.

The principle is that you are walking forward and we all perceive the benefits in our own unique way. VoxxLife prefers to under promise; while it's undeniable that many people have a really unbelievable immediate improvement and a wonderful surprise.

Within the Neuro Technology there is a very precise and specific sequence of patterns which trigger the neuro receptors within your skin (tactile stimulation) which triggers a signal along your arm to your brain. The brain knows just what to do because it's an 'actionable and important signal'. It's all really elegant and simple - and completely non-invasive. 

You may get a surprising feeling in your toe. The body is focusing on where you had an old injury which the body needs to address first as the scar tissue needs to yield before other areas can be addressed. The pain pathway is an area in the spinal cord and Neuro technology balances it's activity.

Alot of the research carried out by Voxx is looking at the Brodmann areas of the brain. These are 52 distinct areas of the brain formed in sequence as our brain develops within the foetus and are numbered according to when they were laid down as our brain developed. 

If you can, place a patch between the area you are focusing on and the brain making sure that the signals are getting to the brain stem. 

All you have to do is wear the Neuro Technology. How much of life do you want to experience better?
CEO’s want to function better and so wear a patch. They know that they are functioning better.

If an area is aching maybe the body is focusing on healing this area - Search and destroy!
Take your socks off for a while then put on again. Each time you will be able to wear them for longer periods of time until you can keep them on all day. Sometimes an area has been numb previously and the nerves in the area are waking up giving you pins and needles and is likely to ease with time. It's doing it's work and getting your attention.

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My own experiences Almost straight away the aches in my body due to my massage practice were more comfortable meaning that I no longer had to massage my own body. When I receive massage myself I feel my tissues are softer and more dynamic showing more replenishment, repair and Healing has happened within my body.

The really wonderful change for me was when I started using the REM sleep patches. Good reliable sleep is the one thing which has eluded me over the years despite me doing all the right things. See my page about sleep. I am so relieved! It's wonderful going to bed knowing that I am going to have a good night's sleep.

To be honest it's been a bit daunting having to continue to work until I'm 66 and I'm feeling now that I am supported with good sleep enabling me to approach retirement with confidence and the energy which I need for my massage treatments. I feel sure that this Neuro Technology is optimising all the systems within my body. When I massage my own body I can feel such a difference in my own tensions - my muscles are so much looser. 

Then more recently I had a sickness bout and since then I've been able to pretty much go off the caffeine and chocolate and even cut down on what I'm eating! It's like my body knowledge has kicked in at a new level. I'm sure I'm losing weight! Will keep you updated. My clients are also showing real changes from a decrease in pain medication to loss of headaches and better balance when walking. In particular

I've seen an incredible change in 2 of my friends who I had not been able to help through their fibromyalgia, difficulty in walking and Functional Neuronal Disorder. For one her lifestyle is improved so much so that she is now promoting these wonderful products herself.

I have a few clients past and present who I have not been able to help as much as I would like with my massage expertise. I am so glad to have been able to help them decrease their pain and become much more comfortable and active again.   


We forget just how wonderful our body is. 
How do you know that that smell is lavender rather than rosemary? How do you know that's lovely soft fur on your cat rather than a prickly conker shell? It's all in these messages within the peripheral nervous system which are sent to the relay system in the brain stem where it is further processed and passed on to the relevant part of the brain.

For some time now I’ve been exploring fresh options to help a person gain a better lifestyle ...without me having to use my body so much as well! There is some exciting technology out there and the best seems to be VoxxLife.

Click here for the website and to order your VoxxLife products.

It often starts off with I’m having some really good days ... and then realise that you are no longer having bad days.

Would you like some more of the science?
We have 15 different types of receptor within the brain stem including measuring pressure in the arteries, electromagnetic, pH, oxygen levels... as well as those we know better including pain, touch, temperature, ... and all of this information travels via the cerebellum to be processed in the thalamus - except the sense of smell which is only one synapse from the brain.

The brain changes as a result of each input - and is never the same again. Our brain is continually adapting and tweaking it's messages. This is the concept of neuroplasticity. Our brain allows us the adapt to our surroundings by increasing interconnectivity, compensate, and so survive. Use it or lose it. Neurons that fire together wire together. (Donald Hebb).

The brain does not know if something is good or bad; it's the mind which creates suffering or enjoyment due to it's previous experiences. This all happens via the limbic system. 

There are no side effects and no contraindications!

Its as important to wear your HPT as it is to drink water each day.

It works every time - like your mobile - you don’t need to know how your mobile works yet it rings for you


Work with me to find your own way to enjoy a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. 

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