Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) 

Commonly known as tapping

Discuss an emotion, chronic condition or lifestyle change you wish to make
Set up a clear positive statement sentence
Tap on specific points on the meridians to 'reset' the subconscious
Continue at home as a self care package
We are working with the authentic unique you; the essence of ME = Your Vital Spark
Respond to challenges quickly and effectively.

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EFT is the Emotional Freedom Technique which is a simple yet powerful tried and tested technique using tapping on specific points on the body. It is a NICE guideline recognised technique which may be easily used for self-care at home.

This YouTube video shows how simply it can be used for children as well as ourselves 

EFT is for everyone including:

·        Those who have something (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) which has been hassling them for years and may seem small - yet it’s getting in the way of living life to the full. 

·        Those exploring relationship problems, anxieties, fears, painful memories. 

     Those who are experiencing an acute or chronic illness 

·        Those who seek to resolve the bigger issues in life including grief, phobias, cravings or a person may be aware that they have a self -limiting belief.

How does it work?

·       Let me show you an example.
First of all we identify the negative message which is best to work on; what is making you anxious? You can do this at home by working through this anxiety gremlin exercise.

Then using simple tapping on specific acupuncture points we tap into the body’s wisdom and are able to rebalance this emotion at the deep sub-conscious level.

·        The tapping allows the subconscious to emerge and show us what needs to be heard – which may be a deeply seated negative message from the past.

·         Tapping soothes the disturbance caused by the negative message and there is an opportunity to replace it with a positive message of your own

·         Unwanted emotions are released simply - that's without going into them in any depth.   

           We make friends with the problem

·         We feel more in control of unwanted symptoms which can be gradually yet powerfully removed

·         It asks you to use the power of your imagination and your absolute honesty about what is happening and how you feel

·         You understand better how your memories drive your behavioural and emotional reactions via the amygdala in the brain.

·         Helps to remove the blocks in the energy field which even science has identified. Let's say you're worried because you feel like an important person in your life does not love you.
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·         Our restrictions have been freed up for a more powerful future

If you have suffered a trauma or even suffer from PTSD we do not have to focus on the trauma and we are able to deal with it from a comfortable distance.

Recent research shows:

- EFT Tapping Lowers the Stress Hormone Cortisol by 43%

- EFT Tapping Reduces Food Cravings and fMRI Scans Show Changes in the Brain

- Tapping Positively Influences Gene Expression in 72 Genes

- EFT Tapping is Shown to Be a Fast, Long-Lasting Treatment for Anxiety

- Burnout in Health Care Workers Dramatically Reduced by EFT Tapping

- Test Anxiety in High School Students Reduced Significantly After EFT Tapping

- EFT Tapping Treatment Reduces PTSD Symptoms by 52% in Veterans

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