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Mindfulness and meditation have both been shown to have physical and mental health benefits

For both men and women!

Mindful hand exercise
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Hold out your left hand palm upwards. Starting at the top of your index finger trace down with a very gentle touch, using your right middle finger, to the bottom of your finger. Focus on each joint as you travel down.

Trace across to your middle finger and trace up, pause, then down again and again across to your ring finger. Repeat until you are at the bottom of your little finger; then go back to the ring finger and all the way back and include the thumb.

At the bottom of the thumb continue on down to the wrist and across the wrist and up the side of your hand. Now you are able to trace a slowly decreasing spiral on your palm starting across the bottom of your fingers down to your thumb and just above your wrist. When you reach the centre spend a few moments circling your finger in the middle of your palm. 

Place both palms of your hands on your eyes and look into the blackness for a few moments.

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Walking meditation
Focus on the movement of your body as you take step after step, your feet touching and leaving the ground—an everyday activity we usually take for granted. This exercise is often practised walking back and forth along a path 10 paces long, though it can be practised along most any path




Raspberry exerciseSlowly use all of your senses, one after another, to observe a raspberry in great detail, from the way it feels in your hand to the way its taste bursts on your tongue. This exercise is intended to help you focus on the present moment, and can be tried with different foods. 

 Loving-kindness meditation, involves extending feelings of compassion toward people, starting with yourself then branching out to someone close to you, then to an acquaintance, then to someone giving you a hard time, then finally to all beings everywhere.


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