Step by Step Strategies

Understanding how you got here and how you can create your required outcome; define the steps you need to take. 

1. You talk and I listen to find your starting point
2. You define your required outcome as clearly as you can
3. We identify the person who you wish to bring to this coaching place and explore how you may work with TetraMap (below)
4. We identify any of your values which are being compromised
5. We explore the emotions which are associated with your situation
6. We create a positive sentence and picture which you can work with; I like to "anchor" this with a blend of essential oils you take home or I send to you
7. I ask where in your body you are feeling tension which may be associated with your situation
8. We create your new coping strategies to take home with you; with a more positive mind-set
9. I may suggest Mindfulness exercises to take home
10. I may suggest Massage movements to use at home to ease tension

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The skills we work with

TetraMap - (See below) Find out your individual preference profile and understand the people around you better. TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries

Relationship Coaching - your relationship with yourself tells you a great deal about how you relate to others

Mindfulness - become clearer about how you think 

Massage - remove aches from your back and shoulders

Aromatherapy - using the power of smell and touch to relax and "anchor" your new positive messages

TetraMap - The Nature of Behaviour  

Use the TetraMap® preference profile to know you are a valuable person in any team/family/project 

 Is your preference Earth Air Fire or Water?

What is the preference of your colleagues/partner/family members?
How can we work together and get the best out of our team/family

Divides our preferences - our defaults - into Elements that we can understand

Using Nature's metaphors of Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Within the strength of the Tetrahedron

Come and join in the fun and find out how TetraMap can help you;

Understand other people’s preferences – BUT remember we can do it all it’s just more difficult to knuckle down and get into the Elements we do not prefer

Effectively communicate with all types

Enhance your marketing material

Value your strengths and know the areas which challenge you most



TetraMap is used to develop people and business the way Nature intended. 

  • TetraMap delivers powerful results very quickly by changing people’s understanding of each other.
  • It has been tried and tested over the last 20 years and is an effective planning tool as well as a profiling tool.
  • It helps people to really understand each other so they value diversity and work together harmoniously.
  • It is fun, colourful, intuitive and easy to understand and people really enjoy using it.
  • The nature metaphor is cross cultural and engaging and participants 'get it' quickly.  Once self-awareness and understanding have been generated. 

 Sum is greater than the parts = synergy

The Elements which are our challenges teach us the most
People of all levels, functions and abilities, are quickly building engagement and enthusiasm. Learning happens fast and the results are immediately obvious.
Participants are equipped with the skills, tools and awareness to apply it for weeks, months and years to come using appropriate language for each Element

A fresh, inspiring and inclusive model that fosters energy and vitality in individuals, teams and families.
Any team/organisation/family that genuinely understands and uses the Tetra Approach will enjoy more cohesion and will be a higher and better performing group of people.

 Your team around you; support and diversity


 TetraMap impacts culture by creating connection through common understanding, vision and language

 TetraMap makes it OK to talk about behaviours


 TetraMap is simpler to use and much more cost-effective than psychometrics and other profiling tools. It is also a powerful tool for personal development, strategic planning and organisational development.

For individuals: 

  • Understanding of personal preferences, behaviours and motivations
  • Less conflict with others who are different
  • More appreciation of diversity and less confusion about another's perspective
  • Less anxiety, confusion, stress and blame
  • Better relationships with colleagues and customers
  • More creativity and openness to different ways of working
    Increased confidence, morale and motivation
  • Increased self-awareness

    Be happy being yourself


 For teams:

  • People understand and appreciate different contributions, perspectives and solutions
  • Strengths and skills within the team are used effectively
  • Increased team spirit, morale, and harmony
  • Greater collaboration within and between teams
  • Shared goals and improved planning
  • Better problem solving 
  • Improved team performance

    Great leaders combine courage, knowledge, compassion and vision to make sense of the challenges their organisations face. To reach peak performance as individuals or leaders we need to support our teams to develop autonomy, mastery, a common understanding of a great purpose and a connection to personal passion

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