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VoxxLife – The neuro path to faster wellness

Supporting you to function better, create more stability within your body and address those stuck health challenges

  1. Wear socks/insoles/patches
  2. Many testimonials show amazing relief from resistant and challenging health issues
  3. Function better during sport/exercise/at work/at home

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Update 12th April – Terrific success with Fibromyalgia! My client would love to share her story with you – just call me.

The VoxxLife story

It’s not about how you look or feel it’s about how you FUNCTION Click here for the website

VoxxLife HPT (Human Performance Technology) Wearable Neuro Technology;
1. Gently triggers your own receptors in your skin
2. Sends signals in a natural way along your nerves to your brain
3. Triggers a positive response within your body.
4. Correct signals travel throughout the body via the tissues – with surprisingly effective results.
It’s as simple as that.

No electricity, no medication; it’s a natural intervention. Research using brain scans shows the brain responding; changing red to balanced green

30-day unconditional money-back guarantee!

First, wear socks, put a patch on your arm or put insoles into your shoes..or a combination. That’s all you have to do 24/7 all day and all night.

Chronic condition? Want to perform better in the gym or on the field? Deal with anxiety or depression?

Search for any condition you may like to address
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See the demonstration which you can do at home during lockdown – text me for some sample patches to try out.


I am sleeping really well after many years of struggling with a lack of sleep.
REM sleep patches Dr Mark explains
HPT Neuropatch – wear when you cannot wear the socks: used by athletes.
NeuroVax – our immunity patch enhances the action of the blood. Red blood cells often stack – called Rolleux- stopping the free movement of the cells through the capillaries and holding up free passage. Helps wound healing Dr Mark DeBrincat explains
Metapatch – supports efficient metabolism

Nerve pathways are changed supporting homeostasis. Independent studies show basic functions are improved. Balance and stability 31%,  strength 22% and range of motion 15 degrees. Independent research using brain scans shows an increase of an average of 36% in brain optimisation.

Neural stimulation is pivotal to the effects of our products. Click here to see Jay sharing his insights.

Your sporting achievements are improved as your stability and reflexes are enhanced.
First of all Jay focused on athletes See video

The inventor Jay Dhaliwal in Canada desperately wanted to help his mother who was suffering with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).
He also happened to have made a small fortune working with encryption (hidden messages in computers).
He asked scientists to work with him to combine his knowledge with theirs learning about the way the body actually sends messages.

Any strain or discomfort in our hand, or elbow or arm – the irregular message – is now replaced by sending the correct pattern of signals and neural responses to the brain – thus removing the feeling of strain.

More in-depth information

Click here for the website and to order your VoxxLife products.

VoxxLife HPT (Human Performance Technology) Jay has found a way to sew this technology into socks or embed it into insoles, patches, sleeves, knee supports and invisible shapewear to allow the body to decode what has gone wrong and create the conditions to allow the body to put it right. It’s a bit like resetting the default on your computer to the right default setting, or Ctrl/alt/delete.

Better functioning in the body; improve your sport outcomes
Whilst the effect is instant, shown by brain scans, the feelings and effects vary according to the individual and can range from instant response to a slow burn effect when you sense something is happening yet it takes a few days to notice a real difference.

The body is adapting and responding at it’s own pace. Homoeostasis (a state of balance within all the body systems) is supported and the immune system is strengthened. See my blog page describing these systems in more detail.

“It’s not about how you look or feel but about how you FUNCTION”

It’s a bit like when we pull a stitch on a jumper and all of the jumpers pulls out of shape and just does not look right. Correct feedback of signals is of absolute importance for the full functioning of our body enabling it to move economically and optimally and feel comfortable.  When birds navigate to Africa or create those wonderful murmurations they are using very fast yet subtle messages. Our bodies are just as clever.

Click here for the website and to order your VoxxLife products.

My own experiences Almost straight away the aches in my body due to my massage practice were more comfortable meaning that I no longer had to massage my own body. When I receive massage myself I feel my tissues are softer and more dynamic showing more replenishment, repair and Healing has happened within my body.

The really wonderful change for me was when I started using the REM sleep patches. Good reliable sleep is the one thing that has eluded me over the years despite me doing all the right things. See my page about sleep. I am so relieved! It’s wonderful going to bed knowing that I am going to have a good night’s sleep.

To be honest it’s been a bit daunting having to continue to work until I’m 66 and I’m feeling now that I am supported with good sleep enabling me to approach retirement with confidence and the energy which I need for my massage treatments. I feel sure that this Neuro Technology is optimising all the systems within my body. When I massage my own body I can feel such a difference in my own tensions – my muscles are so much looser.

Then more recently I had a sickness bout and since then I’ve been able to pretty much go off the caffeine and chocolate and even cut down on what I’m eating! It’s like my body knowledge has kicked in at a new level. I’m sure I’m losing weight! Will keep you updated. My clients are also showing real changes from a decrease in pain medication to loss of headaches and better balance when walking. In particular

I’ve seen an incredible change in my friend who I had not been able to help through her fibromyalgia, difficulty in walking and Functional Neuronal Disorder. Her lifestyle is much improved so much so that she is now promoting these wonderful products herself.

I have a few clients past and present who I have not been able to help as much as I would like with my massage expertise. I am so glad to have been able to help them decrease their pain and become much more comfortable and active again.

I addition I always advise my clients to take supportive supplements, vitamins, Omega 3 oil and a very special pre and probiotic powder. See Zinzino.

We forget just how wonderful our body is.
How do you know that that smell is lavender rather than rosemary? How do you know that’s lovely soft fur on your cat rather than a prickly conker shell? It’s all in these messages within the peripheral nervous system which are sent to the relay system in the brain stem where it is further processed and passed on to the relevant part of the brain.

For some time now I’ve been exploring fresh options to help a person gain a better lifestyle …without me having to use my body so much as well! There is some exciting technology out there and the best seems to be VoxxLife.

Click here for the website and to order your VoxxLife products.

Order your VoxxLife products here
It often starts off with I’m having some really good days and then realise that you are no longer having bad days.
We have 15 different types of receptors within the brain stem including measuring pressure in the arteries, electromagnetic, pH, oxygen levels… as well as those we know better including pain, touch, temperature, … and all of this information travels via the cerebellum to be processed in the thalamus – except the sense of smell which is only one synapse from the brain.

The brain changes as a result of each input – and is never the same again. Our brain is continually adapting and tweaking its messages. This is the concept of neuroplasticity. Our brain allows us the adapt to our surroundings by increasing interconnectivity, compensate, and so survive. Use it or lose it. Neurons that fire together wire together. (Donald Hebb).

The brain does not know if something is good or bad; it’s the mind which creates suffering or enjoyment due to its previous experiences. This all happens via the limbic system.

There are no side effects and no contraindications!

It’s as important to wear your HPT as it is to drink water each day.

It works every time – like your mobile – you don’t need to know how your mobile works yet it rings for you

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