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Fran Doidge

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Having completed my degree in Physiology and Biochemistry I worked in hospital laboratories yet realised I wanted to have a more hands-on approach to helping people become well again. I completed my MASSAGE and AROMATHERAPY qualifications with ITEC in 1990 and my 2 year HEALING qualification with The College of Healing in 1992.

Since then I have qualified in COACHING in 2014 and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – or tapping) in 2019 – now offering FREE case studies. In 2003 I created The Centre for Wellbeing where I still offer treatments.

For 30 years I have supported men and women looking for support and answers when suffering from aching joints and muscles, headaches etc using MASSAGE; often adding AROMATHERAPY essential oils for their added therapeutic effects. My clients have found my insights into WHY the pain is there really useful and COACHING became a natural part of my treatment strategy. Mobilising stiff joints and moving free tight muscles, tendons and ligaments allows greater freedom of movement. Our body is wonderful and will heal itself given the right environment. In many cases, an emotional issue, a flu bug or trauma has an immense impact on the condition of our bodies and it’s ability to heal.

(I have to say this here that, although there is much anecdotal evidence for the power of massage to help pain the government does not allow us to say this on our websites because, in their view, there are not enough RCT trails to support this)

I’ve always really enjoyed the detective work, using my knowledge of the body, to understand the underlying issues which explain and resolve often long-standing and unexplained suffering of my clients. My COACHING training in 2014 now enables me to formally offer stand-alone coaching skills as well as combine them with MASSAGE and AROMATHERAPY.

At the same time, my TETRAMAP qualification offers you a simple, easy way to explore your preference profile based on Earth, Air Fire and Water. Understand better how you fit in with, and can work better with, those around you – both within your family and at work. Using MINDFULNESS helps us to be more aware of our surroundings and find a sense of inner peace; and help us to become more resilient and cope better when the going gets tough.

I love nature and gardening and this passion brings a calm and sense of tranquility into my life. Insights into the Aromatherapy blends I create are fed by my love of flowers and plants; the Art of Aromatherapy.

The synergy of Massage with an Aromatherapy essential oil blend along with Coaching skills, TetraMap and Mindfulness has tremendous therapeutic effects. “Find Inner Peace and Inner Wellbeing”

Together my clients and I work towards their clear outcome; taking clear simple steps to become stronger and clearer about their values, find clear coping strategies, a positive mind-set … and a comfortable body ….. and so create the life which is truly right for them.

For 30 years I have helped both men and women through some really difficult and challenging emotional times. At the same time the gentle caring of a massage/aromatherapy treatment helps to unlock underlying tensions and emotions held on to for years. Bring things out into the open in a gentle way.

Inspired coaching questions help my clients to identify their values and beliefs and act them out in the world around them – be it their relationships at home or at work.

You are in a non judgemental, confidential and professional space, safe comfortable and supportive going at your own pace in your own time. My own Self Development as a Healer has enriched my own therapy over the years.

I live with my partner in Cradley, where I have a treatment room, and I have experienced a divorce myself bringing together 2 families with the many challenges this entails. The children are now living their own lives in their own individual way and I am so proud of what we have achieved; and I’m Nanna to Luca my first grandchild too.

I LOVE nature – birds, plants and animals. My current project is supporting the 2 pairs of curlew on Upton Ham trying to keep their fledglings alive! The curlew are sadly in decline and I just love their bubbling display call! I love singing in a local choir and performing.

OK you’ve got this far! Read on if you’re still wanting to know more about me and be reassured you are in good, safe and caring hands.

I enjoy explaining to my clients the wonder of the mind and the body and how they can help themselves; both mentally and physically. My biochemistry understanding allows me to give advice on the right food supplements to support your body and mind. Maintaining the body in good health is paramount and the rehabilitation process is satisfying to observe.

My biochemistry training has also made me very concerned about the chemicals which we use everyday in our everyday cosmetic products – which is why I promote Tropic Skincare who I trust to be honest, ethical and caring; qualities which are sadly lacking within the cosmetic industry! Over the years my wisdom and understanding has grown and developed into a working model of overall health and wellbeing.

VoxxLife Neuro Technology has been added to my portfolio during the last 6 months

I am always in touch with current news within the national organisations for my profession, the IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) and the CoHMA (College of Healing Membership Association) and have worked on these Councils in the past getting to know about these organisations and my profession as a whole.

My workshops both for the public and Continual Professional Development (CPD) within my profession allow my creative energies free expression as I bring together groups of people; I love the interaction this brings to the experience for a my groups.

“We are amazing people and I love to inspire a person, either alone or within a in a family environment to be as great as they can be. Awareness is the key and most people can relate to nature as a strong and reassuring place from which to start. This is the TetraMap way. Using nature as a model and a metaphor can help us understand ourselves and those around us. Our inner intuition is heightened and gives us the confidence to trust ourselves and those around us more.”

I am enjoying myself and happy being me at 64 years old. My GP was impressed too! After all we are all having to keep well longer because we are all having to work longer and I’m so thankful I’m still fit and well and I like to think that I am a positive advocate for my way of living!

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