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Coaching You

? Are you in a relationship with a husband, wife, partner, work colleague or friend which is generating conflict or even going through a crisis
? Are you feeling stressed and experiencing over-powering feelings?
? Do you have an aching back, shoulders or legs
? Are you feeling frustrated because of restrictions due to long term chronic illness = your relationship with your body

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“Trust me and my skills – gathered over 30 years’ experience” About me

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An effective combination:
Aromatherapy for relaxation

YOU CHOOSE which combination is right for you.

Coaching helps you overcome a painful condition like fibromyalgia, anger, frustration, anxiety, confusion, fear, shame or simply deep hurt.
Sanctuary and clear space is sustaining and comforting giving you Resilience, Clarity and Inspiration.

Add an Aromatherapy blend of essential oils tailored for you and allow the evocative power of smell to soothe and encourage you every day at home and work. Rub into your aches and pains too.
A powerful therapeutic combination which deals with your angst.
Anchor new positive messages we have created together and release your anxiety gremlins

Feel life is hard? Not being heard? Body hurts?
What do you want to change? Make real changes in your life step by step.

? Need help with a relationship
? Want to understand yourself better
? Body needs sorting out too
? Chronic condition, syndrome or autoimmune disease

I support, understand, care and give you that extra push you need as you find clear strategies and move forward step by step. You’re in a safe space where you can lick your wounds – and then get up again and face up to what is happening.

Make the change happen
Become stronger, clearer, more assertive and comfortable at work and at home. It’s surprising how things shift when we put in the dedication and work with a person who understands, cares and is able to find the right solution for you.

New ways to relax at home and at work – even during a quick 5 minutes if that is the only time you have to give yourself.

Feel you can’t possibly get to the other side? Becoming really clear about what is right for you is the first step.
Let your body feel heard and safe again because it knows you care.

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Health and Wellbeing questionnaire – your emotions and lifestyle

For a happy healthy and fun environment around you

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I can come to you within a 20 mile radius of Malvern.
OR leave work and the hassles behind and enjoy the countryside in Malvern, Cradley or Hereford
OR set up a series of Zoom calls wherever you live

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For help with;

Relationships – and then finding your ideal life
Managing conflict within your life
Teenage issues within your family
Simpler lifestyle
New beginnings – lets start with the inner you
Healthy habits
Support through divorce
Finding a deeper meaning in life

Weight issues
Fear of abandonment 
Stressed as can’t express feelings
Ways to relax
Threatened marriage break up
Spiritual quest
Shyness and Self Esteem
Specific health conditions  eg ME CFS autoimmune syndromes
Sleep issues


FREE 30 minute clarity call – 07974 400575 – email  


Health and wellbeing assessmenta questionnaire enabling you to identify where you can make simple improvements; maybe using massage and relaxing essential oils plus advice.

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For Coaching through Divorce- click here

Maximise your new life by recognising your natural strengths and trusting them every minute



Intensive 2 hour Deep Dive Coaching
 – Lavender package

including extra 30 minute Aromatherapy Massage
– Geranium package

including 30 minute Aromatherapy Massage and 30 min facial
and head massage
– Rose package 

 2 hours

2.5 hours

3 hours

£140 (£99)

£170 (£145)

£197 (£167)

1:1 Focused Coaching 3 x
1 hours
1:1 Wider perspective Coaching  6 x
1 hours

For a comfortable body and a peaceful mind

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Coaching You