Combining Coaching with Massage for You, You at work or
You within your Family
to overcome life's roller-coaster of situations and emotions such as;

Relationships     Stress and Confusion    Divorce/Separation?        Chronic Illness            

Your step by step plan to resolving your important relationships (including with yourself!)

Coaching You

Difficult relationships? Crisis? Confusion?
Tough times within your marriage/partnership/at work?
Massage and Aromatherapy; deep tissue release then relax
Not sure what to do next, looking for inspiration?
Understand how your body and mind work together for a comfortable life

You and your

Your family is the most valuable resource and support
Strong personalities vs family harmony?
Possibility of family break up? Conflict with someone at work?
Divorce/separation a possibility?

Chronic Illness

Confusing emotional reactions during chronic long term illness?
Motivate yourself and increase your resilience
Create a happier more comfortable and sustainable you.
Understand better what is going on within your body and your mind.

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