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Free yourself from pain and frustration FIBROMYALGIA, CFS, ME, PMR and Chronic illness
Step by Step – Be Strong again

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Maintain a Comfortable Body

Keep your body flexible using massage. Ease aching, painful joints and muscles; reduce pain…Listen to your body before it shouts. Explore innovative health advances, Relax using Aromatherapy. Keep calm using a blend of essential oils WellBeingBlend. Keep your body comfortable and resilient.

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Coaching you through Fibromyalgia and other chronic illness

Understand how to deal with the pain and frustrating feelings of Fribromyalgia, CFS, ME, PMR and other chronic illness. Help yourself with Self-care and keep your medication low.
Difficult relationships due to this illness? Crisis? Confusion? Not sure what to do next, looking for inspiration? Your body and mind can work together again supporting you through to the other side of chronic illness.

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Inner Wellbeing and emotional self care

Create a calmer more comfortable you Soothe anxiety Increase self esteme Mindfulness and EFT Working with inner issues and strong feelings Finding inspiration Kick start and maintain a sense of Wellbeing Keeping you calm and inspired.


About Fran

For 30 years I have supported men and women looking for support and answers when suffering from aching joints and muscles, headaches etc using MASSAGE; often adding AROMATHERAPY essential oils for their added therapeutic effects. My clients have found my insights into WHY the pain is there really useful and COACHING became a natural part of my treatment strategy.
Mobilising stiff joints and moving free tight muscles, tendons and ligaments allows greater freedom of movement. Our body is wonderful and will heal itself given the right environment. In many cases, an emotional issue, a flu bug or trauma has an immense impact on the condition of our bodies and it’s ability to heal. 

For a comfortable body and a peaceful mind

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