Your Relationships at Home and with Friends

Keeping as peaceful and happy a home and friend group as possible.

? Looking to address something which is bugging you
? Not sure what is going on - it's all a bit confusing
? What do I want from this relationship

? Looking to understand why your principles and values are being undermined?
? Would like to know more about the 5 languages of love - they're relevant to all relationships

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Trust you are able to create the life you choose.
Trust and understand the people around you better.
Our values under-pin all we do and are our beacon showing us where we are not being honoured and cherished.
Here with me you are in a non judgemental, confidential and professional space, safe, comfortable and supportive going at your own pace in your own time. 

Communicate your thoughts and needs better and trust that your man/woman, all your family and your friends and your body somehow support you much better. 

As you learn to trust yourself and your body at home you find everyone around you treats you better.

Step by step you trust that you really are worth looking after, first of all by yourself and then by others around you

You may be considering counselling in Malvern, counselling in Hereford or counselling in Worcester or counselling on Skype

Why work with Fran? My 30 years experience offers you a huge range of experience, stability and skills to address whatever you are seeking to remove and resolve.

Coaching - listening, asking questions, creating outcomes

Aromatherapy Massage - blend of 4 essential oils in your massage oil or at home. Use my Self-Massage instructions 

Mindfulness - breathing with a positive inner picture

Health and Wellbeing questionnaire - your emotions and lifestyle click here

For a happy healthy and fun environment around you 

YOU CHOOSE which combination is right for you

Call or Skype

I can come to you within a 20 mile radius of Malvern. 
OR leave work and the hassles behind and enjoy the countryside in Malvern, Cradley or Ross-on-Wye. 
OR set up a series of Skype calls wherever you live

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What do you want to create in your relationship and your life?
Where can you compromise – and where are you not willing to compromise any more?
Helping individuals create happier relationships is my passion and speciality.

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to chat through your progress started off by my

10 steps to a Happier Relationship

Clarify your next steps
Free 30 minute no obligation clarity call 07974 400575 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is a journey which you are under-taking and I can be with you every step of the way.


I’m always on your side and seeing things from your perspective. That’s not saying that I’m going to say you are right and they are wrong all the time but rather that it’s only you that you can change and you cannot change another person.

We work together to;

-Set the scene and identify the problem
-What are your choices and their consequences? 
- Make clear decisions and define clear goals with an action plan to carry you forward. 
- What are your faulty 'defaults of thinking' which get in the way? You can reset your defaults for a positive mind set
- Keep your positive picture and attitude for success and positive outcomes. 
-Anchor your new positive mind set with an Aromatherapy blend of evocative essential oils to use at home simply rubbing the blend on your hand if this is all the time you have for you.
- How well did you do? Now celebrate your success. 
- Follow through your insights by email or Skype

Once there is clarity then your outer life begins to change. You see and feel that the intensity is less and that you can breathe a sigh of relief every now and again.

Your body feels more comfortable. You can see the chinks where life is beginning to feel more comfortable and begins to look more rosey. “Perhaps I really can come out the other side of this.” At this stage you become more confident of the process and more confident in you.

There are often blips and bumps when things seem to be going back to the ‘old way’ and then we rejig things again and get back on track.

There is a new understanding of what is happening in your mind, your thoughts and the anxiety gremlins which lie behind them, and in your body too. We bring those gremlins out into the light and zap them once and for all! They do not serve us any more 

“At last! I know I’m strong enough to keep to my purpose and my values. I can choose what I have in my life. I am able to gladly accept those things which I cannot change because they do not bother me as much as they did. I feel in control of my decisions, my destination and my life and choose what is right for me. I have loving and caring people around me and I am valued for who I am and for what I have to offer my family, work and community.” 

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Create positive relationships using TetraMap preference profile;

Show me my strengths

Help me to communicate better

Show me a better process to make plans

Inspire me to see a clear vision of the way ahead

What do you want to achieve exactly?

Is your/their preference Earth, Air, Fire or Water?

-Create positive, supportive and harmonious relationships with a shared set of values.

-Make the best use of the diversity present within a group of individuals; within a family or at work

-You f
eel able to respond effectively to the challenges ahead, be it difficulties within your marriage,  feeling strong emotionsfeelings of abandonmentchallenging teenagers or a health issue.

-Create a 
step by step process to a clear destination. 
-Enjoy your journey with special people and feel empowered to create your new vision ahead.


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