Comfortable body

Deep tissue Massage and Sports Massage  - your massage experience is here

Help with a chronic condition - Increase flexibility and stability; with VoxxLife Wearable Neuro Technology

Feel more in control of your feelings 

Relaxation and rehabilitation after an illness or injury - relaxation enhanced by Aromatherapy

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Remove congestion and pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints
Enjoy freedom of movement and flexibility
Firm caring hands gently promote release of tension and increase mobility

I explain how the areas became congested, explain the recovery process, no matter what your starting point is (even stubborn chronic conditions), and show you how you can help yourself to keep your body comfortable.

Your body can work efficiently and be comfortable again.

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Too much work on the computer?
Gym work making you ache?
Aching shoulders and back?
Not sure what is happening in your body?

Massage helps by;
Giving you looser muscles, tendons and joints
Increasing blood circulation and metabolism
Decreasing muscle fatigue and soreness

Giving you more energy
Helping you sleep better
Feeling lighter and more flexible
Finding coping strategies for chronic conditions
Overcoming restriction due to a long term illness

Tell me why I'm in pain 

Relax and reduce stress
Caring and confident hands bring pure pleasure and a sense of relief
Make a real difference to your life

What to expect when you come to me for a massage

Let's find ways to create healthy habits
Have you thought about ....
Combining Massage, Aromatherapy and Coaching

Sleep better, wake refreshed and feel calmer.
Massage can be a gentle therapy too - the art of Massage

Aromatherapy uses special carrier oils containing a fragrant blend of essential oils and the sense of touch to soothe and relax the body creating a sense of balance.

“The luxurious warm towels are wonderful, they help me relax”

“You choose just the right music to take my mind off my problems”

Take home with you
Advice on stretches to maintain flexibility 
massage tips for hips
shoulder stretches

Information about how to recover from
muscle spasm and muscle and tendon injury

The gate theory of pain - understand what may be happening within your body

Abdominal Massage helps constipation, indigestion and pelvic pain 

Wearable NeuroTechnology is not as way out as it seems.
Gentle triggers from a pattern in special socks gently open up neurological pathways in the brain to support Homeostasis (rebalance) within your whole body.  

Information about food supplements Zinzino

Together, as a team, we identify the places where the tension is held and you are given the confidence to go home and continue to massage these areas for a quicker recovery. Use cold and hot to maintain the comfort within your muscles gained during your massage treatment.

Worksheets are available on;
Massage you can do at home
Better posture
Breathing and relaxation techniques
Positive thinking and taking responsibility for your own health

The giving and receiving of nurturing touch is a fundamental human need - Massage is the oldest therapy known to man

The benefits of massage are well documented and respected.


By the time we feel the effects of stress we already have inflammation in our bodies which needs to be removed. You can sort this out before more damage results.

Self massage for you at home

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For a comfortable body and a peaceful mind

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